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5 things we learned from our chat with Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon has revealed it feels “amazing” to be a part of the 10th series of Britain’s Got Talent, adding that she feels “honoured” to be a Judge on the show.

But, what made her have a meltdown on the telly? What moment during Auditions did she brand “ludicrous”? And would she like to reclaim her seat on the panel next year? Find out below…

1. BGT proves you should NEVER judge a book by its cover...

Over to you Alesha: “I think it’s a natural default for a lot of people to judge a book by its cover but I think we’ve definitely learned in the past with acts like Susan Boyle that it’s bad. I know it’s a natural thing people do, you sum people up and think you know everything about them. But a constant lesson that we learn on the show is that you will be surprised, people can still surprise and shock you. I think that’s a great thing and one of the main reasons the show doesn’t get boring. You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know what someone is going to do, they could blow your mind and you see something you have never seen before.”

2. Expect more bizarre acts than ever

Only on BGT would you get dinosaur and a polar bear on stage, with Alesha recalling: “It didn’t go down too well with me but everyone else loved them. I don’t know what my problem was that day but I wasn’t feeling the dinosaur and I wasn’t feeling the polar bear. To me it was just ludicrous. It was like there were two different things going on on stage, the act was pretty bad anyway and then they shoved this massive dinosaur on stage thinking it was going to save the day. It’s hilarious when I think back.”

3. She had a meltdown on the telly!

Speaking of the moment she got upset during a little girl’s audition, Alesha stated: “I just had a bit of a meltdown on the telly, you know, just for the fun of it! That really surprised me because I don’t often react like that. I often get emotional and I might get a tear in my eye but I have never actually cried like that. But it was one of those moments where I could feel myself getting emotional and I was having an internal conversation with myself at the time she was singing, I was saying, ‘Sort it out girl, get it together’. I don’t know what it was about that little girl but for so many reasons that audition really spoke to me."

4. This year’s show is set to be the hottest yet

You can expect some added sauce to your Saturday nights, with Alesha teasing: “There is a lot of flesh this year on Britain’s Got Talent, we do like to provide the flesh, we do like to give the ladies and the men that little moment. It’s quite nice during an audition day when someone comes on, takes their top off and they have a lovely little six-pack there for you to stare out. It’s a nice moment! We had two guys that stand out, they both did something quite sexy but they are brilliant at what they do. The six-pack was just a bonus.”

5. She doesn’t want her time on BGT to end!

When asked if she’d like to return to the panel next year, Alesha concluded: “I live it each month to each month, I don’t really worry about next year. If they want me back then I would love to do it because I have always said that as long as I am enjoying something long may it continue. It’s one of the best shows on television and I am having a ball, so I wouldn’t want that to end.”

You can catch more from Alesha when Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV this Saturday (April 9) at 7pm.

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