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5 things we learned from our chat with Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden can’t quite believe Britain’s Got Talent is in its tenth year, with the Judge - who has been there from the start - admitting she thought she’d last half the time on the panel!

She has since gone on to become the show’s longest serving Judge, with Amanda now branding BGT “the heart of Britain”.

But, why did she clash with Simon Cowell during Auditions? Who does she think will win the show? And will she be back again next year? See more below…

1. She thinks Britain’s Got Talent is the best because…

“It’s because we are the best and we don’t take ourselves seriously. I think it’s funny because we don’t try to be funny, if that makes sense. What we do everyone else then tries to copy, so everyone tries to get the Susan Boyle moment, which was just a natural accident. Everyone tries to get a chemistry with the various judges sat next to them which simply isn’t there if it’s not there from the beginning. It’s just an accident. Everything that’s happened has come from us all genuinely being ourselves and not acting in any way.”

2. She threw water over Simon during auditions!

Explaining what happened during their spat, Amanda revealed: “Simon, when he thinks he’s being funny, doesn’t know about the rule of three. He’s got a rule of ten where he just repeats and repeats himself and it’s just not funny. I gave him several warnings to stop it and in the end I threw the water on him and then had that moment where I think, ‘Oh god!’ and then I looked at his make-up artist and she was really cross. I looked at Simon and thought, ‘OK, I’ve got away with it’, so I carried on giving my criticism and he carried on going, so I picked up another glass of water and didn’t even look, I just chucked it over him and got him on the chest. He looked like Katie Price in a wet t-shirt competition but, you know, with pecs!”

3. She thinks Alesha’s Golden Buzzer act could win the show

Despite pressing her Golden Buzzer for a young girl who sung Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked, Amanda is tipping Alesha’s act for BGT glory. She explained: “I have to say there have been a number of times since that I have gone, ‘Oh my god, I would have pressed my buzzer for that’ because it’s been an incredible year. Alesha’s buzzer could win the show, it’s amazing.”

4. Ant & Dec and the Judges have a bet on their Golden Buzzer acts

Things already seem to be getting competitive between our Judges and Hosts, with Amanda explaining how they've made things a bit more interesting by having a bet when it comes to their Golden Buzzer acts! She said: “I upped it! ‘Let’s put a fiver in a pot’ said Ant & Dec, they are so tight! I said, ‘A fiver? That’s not going to change anything! Let’s do £50’. Then they were like, ‘Shall we give it to charity?’ and I went, ‘No! Let’s go to the pub! Whoever wins gets the drinks in!’"

5. She would LOVE to return next series

Seeing as she’s has been a regular on the panel from the start, she’s not about to step away from her buzzer any time soon! When asked if she’d like to come back next year, Amanda stated: “I think if I have the invitation to come back then I would but if I don’t then ten years is a fantastic number to end on.”

You can catch more from Amanda when Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV this Saturday (April 9) at 7pm.

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