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Why Amanda Holden is so excited to be back on BGT

Show stalwart Amanda Holden returns to the Britain’s Got Talent panel for bringing with her eight years of judging brilliance.

The lovely lady spilled the beans on the standard of entrants in this year’s auditions, championing music theatre and swaying Simon.

What has made you most excited about being reunited with your fellow Judges?

This whole show is such a huge thing to be part of. When you step outside it and look how massive it is, it’s unbelievable to think you’re part of it.

I just find the whole thing really exciting because it’s so successful. It’s great television and everyone watches it and loads of people want to talk to me about it. It’s just such a laugh.

What are your favourite things about Alesha, David and Simon?

Alesha’s really strong and really honest with me, we look out for each other all the time. We’re good comrades. She helps me out with fashion faux-pas. She did a brilliant thing during auditions where she changed her mind about an act for me. She’s just funny and lovely.

I love the fact that although David is very flamboyant and outrageous when the cameras are around but he’s actually a really decent person to speak to. I could go out for dinner with him and talk to him all night; he’s so easy going and easy to talk to.

I love how wicked Simon is and that he is very funny. I love how he is a really good sifter of nonsense, he’s like a sieve for most things in life and he’s got such a good feel for things.

If you had to play snog, marry, avoid with your fellow Judges who would you do what to?

I would snog Simon,I’d marry Alesha and avoid David.

How does it feel to be back on the BGT judging panel for another year?

It doesn’t feel likeI’ve done every year. When people say this is your eighth year I question it all the time, but then I remember absolutely the day that I got the job and I was literally stirring soup and Lexi had just turned one.

I had no idea what it would turn into, Simon completely undersold it. I think he was covering his back! He said it was just a tester show, and he wanted it to work but he wasn’t sure if it was going to. Now it’s the thing that people remember me for, and obviously that’s great, I’m not knocking that but I think people sometime forget I was an actress.

What are you going to do to make sure this year’sBritain’s Got Talent is bigger and better than ever before?

I just have to carry on doing what I’m doing, I think. I always feel like I am really honest and we all have different opinions, especially here. I feel that each year I get stronger and stronger in my beliefs and in what I think is funny and what I think should go through.

I like to change people’s opinion on things and I think I get braver and braver. This year I’ve really championed musical theatre, the people who have come on have floored us,especially this one particular girl who socked it to Simon. I think now that he’s involved in a musical he realises it’s not just cheesy music and tap dancing.

Without giving too much away, what have been some of the best acts during this year’s auditions?

The dancer who I pressed my Golden Buzzer for.

What is the biggest ‘audition turn off’ for you?

I accept most things but people who come on and don’t believe in themselves is a real turn off.

In the eight years that BGT has been on, do you think there’s been a difference in the standard of auditionees?

I think it’s got much better. I think because of social media we’ve opened our doors a little bit wider, it’s far more diverse and unique.

What are your favourite memories from last year’s show?

Well it wasn’t my favourite memory, but I remember the eggs and I remember that after I’d got Simon’s jacket off him, my first instinct was to leg it, not to throw myself in front of him because I was wearing a very expensive dress and I didn’t want to get yolk on it.

Do you have any regrets from last year?

Only some fashion blunders! But no regrets

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