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Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer boy is Toju

They waited until the very last audition show to do it and…

Ant and Dec pressed their Golden Buzzer for funny man Toju

They told us all about it.

Why did you think Toju deserved your golden buzzer?

Dec: He made us laugh. We were howling in the wings and we don’t get to see that many good comedians on the show, especially ones who go down so well with the audience.

Ant: He gave a great audition simple as that.

What did it feel like to press the Golden Buzzer?

Dec: It was a real buzz pardon the pun! The guy had obviously worked really hard on his audition, the audience loved him and it was an easy decision for us to press the buzzer.

Ant: When we pressed the buzzer, he just put his arms out in the air and you could see how much it meant to him to go straight through to the live semi-finals.

How do you think Toju could improve his performance in the semi-finals and what would you like to see him do in the semi-finals?

Dec: I think he just has to do what he does, he knows what’s funny. He’s definitely capable of producing a great semi final performance and we can’t wait to see what he does.

Ant: The audience really get him and his observation material was great so as long as he comes out with a killer set and blows the audience away in two and a half minutes, he’ll do great.

Watch Toju's golden moment again here.

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