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App FAQs

Got questions about the app? Read our FAQs for more app information.

What happens in the app during the show?

During each show, your Home Feed is the go-to destination for auditions videos and the very best from social, plus you’ll be able to play along with polls, swing-o-meters and quizzes there, too. You can also buzz away whenever you want!

What happens in the Buzzer section of the app?

The Big Red Buzzer has returned, and it’s better than ever! Here you’ll be able to change your buzzer whenever you want. Whatever changes you make in the Buzzer hub, will be replicated on the Buzzer you see in the Home Feed.

We'll also be releasing new buzzers as the series continues.

How do I snap and share my BGT Selfie?

In the top left hand corner of the Home Feed you’ll see a camera icon, and here you can access a range of BGT themed selfie filters. Scroll left and right to access the filters. You can use your front or back facing camera for your photo. Then tap Save on the left or Share on the right, depending on what you want to do next!

What is the Swipe It poll?

If you see a ‘SWIPE IT’ poll, you’ll be able to interact and swipe left or right on a range of BGT themed answers! You’ll see the results once you’ve finished swiping, measured against other users.

Can I vote in the BGT App?

You can vote during our live semi-finals and final.

Contacting Us

If you’ve got any questions or need further assistance, please visit www.itv.com/help.

Logo of Britain's Got Talent
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Saturdays at 8pm