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Round-up: brilliant, bonkers - it's the BEST of British!

Our BGT Judges were in fine fettle this week as they presided over the best - and the rest - of Great British Talent!

Saturday's show kicked-off with a sprinkling of Disney (black!) magic in the guise of 20-year-old Bristol singer Aaron Marshall, whose heavy metal take on Let It Go from Frozen left poor Amanda speechless... albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Equilibrium was soon restored when girl group Misstasia took to the stage though. Their smiley demeanours and sugar-sweet vocals had the audience singing along to Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid, and even Simon looked impressed.

Misstasia want to spread some fairy princess magic to BGT!

"It could be either a really good idea, or you're the most annoying girl group in history," he commented, but it was four "VERY happy yeses" all round.

Later on, self-confessed mummy's boy Peter Lambert astounded the Judges with his surprisingly competent plate spinning and knife juggling act, while an emotional dance routine from 15-year-old schoolboy Jonathan Lutwyche had everyone enthralled. "That was stunning," gushed Alesha.

More emotional moments followed when family singing group The Neales took to the stage.

Dad Laurie started singing after suffering a heart attack, and only recently persuaded his three sons to join him on the BGT stage.

Their flawless performance of When Will I Be Loved by the Everly Brothers was an instant hit with the audience, bagging the boys four well-deserved yeses in the process.

Old Men Grooving provided the biggest surprise of the night, though, with their energetic hip hop and street dance routine.

The Judges appeared sceptical at first, but their humorous act soon won them over. "You've made dad dancing cool," said David.

There were furrowed brows aplenty when hairdresser Anna Romanenkova showcased her avant-garde hair show (no, we've no idea what that was either Simon!), leaving 12-year-old schoolgirl Maia Gough to bring the show to a spectacular close.

The young singer from South Wales looked as cute as a button, but her performance of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing blew the awesome foursome away.

"For all the right reasons, you're the one I'm gonna remember today," said Simon.

We couldn't agree more!

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Saturdays at 8pm