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Collabro meet the cast of Les Miserables

Musical theatre boyband Collabro stormed their audition with their rendition of Stars from Les Miserables and last night they met the cast of the West End show that inspired their performance.

We caught up with Jamie, Matt, Michael, Tom and Richard to find out what the experience meant to them.

For Matt, it was the first time he had seen Les Mis on stage.

"It was amazing," he said. "It's probably the best show I have ever seen.

"The music just blows you away."

Jamie added: "Something with Les Mis just connects with you on an emotional level.

"They came and got us out of the audience and took us up onto the stage."

The musical which is running at The Queen's Theatre, London, later tweeted its support for Collabro and the boys told us the whole evening had inspired them.

Michael explained: "Seeing where we could be makes us even more driven."

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