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Collabro: "It still feels like a dream"

Their surprise to be crowned winners of this year's Britain's Got Talent was obvious from their faces and when we caught up with Collabro, the news still hadn't completely sunk in.

We dragged Michael out of make-up this morning to hear how the band are enjoying their success.

He explained: "It still hasn't hit us. Richard rang me this morning and said, 'I'm still confused. Did we win Britain's Got Talent last night?' It feels like a dream."

The five-piece who were not the bookies favourites to win have been getting used to their new found fame.

"One direction were playing across the road from the studio on Friday," Michael said. "When we left after rehearsals all their fans were coming up and asking for pictures with us.

"Suddenly they were queuing up. I couldn't believe it but we're always happy to speak to our supporters."

Michael told us the groups aim has always been to bring musical theatre to an new audience and that is what they will continue to push towards.

"We want to bring out an album," he said. "It would also be lovely to collaborate with the other acts. Everyone got on so well.

"And we need to get to know each other as a band - we've only been together since January."

Watch this space!

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