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Finalist Darcy Oake has his sights set on London

Illusionist Darcy Oake was saved by the public vote last night after the Judges’ decisions went to deadlock.

Pipping Jon Clegg to the post, an shocked Darcy told Ant and Dec: “I’m overwhelmed. I’m just trying not to swear.”

We caught up with Darcy to find out his next move.

“It’s amazing to be the first magician in the final, “ he told us. “I think my approach was different to previous magic acts. They tend to have an intro, music and a routine but I wanted to change it.

“I wanted to really engage with the audience.”

Darcy certainly did that as well as making quite an impression on the Judges.

Amanda was torn between the illusionist and impersonator Jon, telling Darcy, “You’re so fit and so talented. Sorry to keep on going on about it.”

The Canadian conjurer has been spending a lot of time in the UK and revealed he may be ready to call it his home.

Darcy said: “I love London, the people and the city. I love the vibe and the energy. It’s one place I’ve been to that I’ve thought I could live in. I might be ready to make the move.”

Darcy told us that modern technology makes doing magic on television even harder as people are so determined to find out how he does his tricks they record them and watch them back again and again.

He wouldn’t give away any of his secrets but did say, “I have to keep the act really tight. I have made changes to the structure and way I do things.

“I’ll be preparing for the final by rehearsing a routine a completely different routine.”

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