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Gallery: reasons why you CAN'T MISS tonight's show!

We don't like to brag (much!), but a little bird tells us that you're in for a bit of a treat on tonight's Britain's Got Talent.

We're not giving the game away, but here's a sneaky peek at some of the INCREDIBLE acts we've got lined up for you.

So clear your schedule and stockpile the snacks - your favourite show is back on ITV at 8pm TONIGHT!

See if young Isaac Waddington strikes a chord with the Judges?
Will Affinity Show Choir be in harmony with the BGT Judges?
Could Matthew Hunt make a habit of performing on the BGT stage?
Singer Paul Manners looks rather happy with himself...
Are Revelation Avenue on the right path?
Could winning be in the air for singer Paul Netterfield?
Will IMD Legion get into their groove?
Whatever you do, DON'T look into Hypnodog's eyes...
Vince Venus' performance is out of this world!
Could Lisa Sampson hula hoop her way to the live shows?
It'll be a tragedy if Andy Davis doesn't go through...
Will Bill have the last laugh?
Erik Kovac's heart may go on, but will he go to the live shows?
Will Feng Xue go skate to the top?

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Saturdays at 8pm