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Gallery: Who's who in tonight's BGT

We're half way through the auditions all ready which means there's still plenty more jaw-dropping talent to come.

Take a peek at the acts lined up to entertain you this evening.

What will After Party bring to the party?
Will Alexander be great?
Is Christian head to toe in leather or is it just one of his illusions?
Curtis has a grand act
Domenico's nosey parrot leaves the Judges puzzled
Will Eva still be smiling after her audition?
Jack Pack bring swing back
Jenson Zhu makes an impression
Can Joey draw the Judges in?
Kieran puts the moves on the Judges
Does Osiris have what it takes?
Patsy is a hit with Ant and Dec
Can REAformed make it into the next round?
Terri and Lisette are dressed for success
Saturdays at 8pm