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Here’s what happened at the Britain’s Got Talent 2016 press launch

Britain’s Got Talent mania officially kicked off in London’s Regent Street yesterday (April 7), with Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and BGMT’s Stephen Mulhern all in attendance.

And, while David may have stolen the show (all will be revealed below), check out what else happened as the press were treated to a first look at this year's series…

David Walliams became Simon Cowell!

With Simon unable to attend the launch in London, David was on hand to fill the void by coming dressed as the music mogul in his trademark white shirt, shades and high-waisted trousers! When asked what he would do if he WAS actually Simon for the day, David joked: “If I was Simon I'd get up at 4pm in the afternoon. 'Louis, it's time to get up'. Roll into work at 8pm. Judge for 10 minutes then stay up all night doing something really really awful."

Amanda insisted they’ll be no catfights between herself and Alesha

When asked if Simon was keen for there to be tension between herself and Alesha, Amanda was keen to shut down any such nonsense, stating: “It’s never going to happen. There’s enough crap in the industry from other women. Simon is never going to get between us… in any way. However, David went on to admit that himself and Simon almost had a physical fight backstage once, joking: “It was highly erotic. It was like that scene in (movie) Women In Love when they wrestle."

However, Amanda did once stage a walkout!

Amanda revealed that she was so tired of Simon and David’s egos, she “staged a walkout”. The Judge admitted: “Two years ago, we went for a cup of tea because we'd had enough of the egos battling it out. What cars they've got, who's funnier, who's got more money... we just left. And David was really upset, I have to say.” David added: “I went to say sorry to them and Simon wouldn't, he never said sorry to them, did he?"

Stephen reveals Simon’s favourite Judge ever!

Revealing all about another backstage clash, Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern claimed things got a bit frosty when Simon let slip that his favourite BGT Judge of all time was… Carmen Electra! He said: “I have never seen Amanda... she literally picked up cake and threw it.” Awkward!

Alesha and Amanda pose with 'Simon' on the red carpet

Alesha will NOT be swapping BGT for The X Factor

With X Factor Judge Cheryl announcing her departure from the talent show this week, Alesha revealed that she won’t be leaving behind her red buzzer any time soon. Speaking of a possible switch, she stated: “Singing is where I come from, it’s what I do and I loved the idea of mentoring but I have to say, I’m so happy where I am. Britain’s Got Talent suits my personality better, so I am genuinely happy where I am.”

David thinks BGT should be open to everybody

When quizzed over the inclusion of foreign acts on the show, some of which have already won Got Talent in another country, David said: “It's sort of become 'World's Got Talent', this show, and that puts us in a very special place. I hate to think we wouldn't have people from around the world because they set the bar higher. It would be quite tough when you've got one person from Spain and one person from England and you say, 'You can't enter'. Or, 'You are British, but you grew up here or you moved from there'. I like that it's open for everybody.”

Simon loves playing pranks on his fellow Judges

Amanda explained: “A lady came on stage and Simon said to me 'Oh this is a lovely story, you should ask her if she's pregnant’. I said 'Oh are you up the duff?' When she said no, I thought she just didn't understand the terminology. So then I said 'Are you expecting a baby?' Then Simon went 'You are so rude'. He does a lot of that!" And, Simon's jokes don't stop there, with Alesha revealing he likes to send tweets from their accounts! She said: “He loves to pick up our phones as soon as we put them down and they're unlocked. He laughs so much when he's doing it. Watching him is funnier than what he actually tweets out."

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV tomorrow (Saturday, April 9) at 7pm!

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