Here's your exclusive look backstage at BGT: The Champions Week 4

Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson was so excited to be performing in the UK!
Issy Simpson
Issy Simpson wowed us once again with her marvellous magic
Mirror Family
Mirror Family gave the most dazzling performance!
Tape Face
Tape Face wasn't the only one left speechless after his performance!
Preacher Lawson
This guy had us all in stitches! It was no surprise Preacher Lawson won the Superfan vote!
Stavros Flatley
What a joy it was to welcome these guys back to the stage! It's Simon's Golden Buzzer act, Stavros Flatley!
Colin Thackery
Once again, Colin Thackery melted our hearts!
Billy and Emily England
Billy and Emily THRILLED us all with their risky rollerskating. What an end to another outstanding show!