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Old Men Grooving - showing Britain's dads how to dance!

Judging by the sceptical looks on their faces, it's fair to say that the awesome foursome weren't expecting very much when Old Men Grooving slouched onto the stage on Saturday's show.

And they certainly weren't expecting what happened next...

The dancing dads drew gasps of amazement from the audience - and our Judges - when they launched into their energetic dance routine - we even spotted Simon, the toughest Judge of 'em all, enjoying himself!

"We couldn't believe the reaction of the crowd," reveals David, 40, who's the youngest member of the crew. "When we finished I turned around and saw Simon clapping and standing up - it was a bit of a dream.

"And the comments that followed totally blew us out of the water - I still can't believe it!"

The dancing dads will be laying off the pizza if they get through

David and Fred, who were already friends, met Patrick, Phil and Bret a few years ago when they auditioned for a Sainsbury's advert. "We all have day jobs, but we trained and danced when we were younger," says David.

"We all had a laugh at the audition and decided to keep meeting up. I've got a dance studio where I teach kids, so we'd meet up once a week and get a pizza and have a dance!"

The group's ages range from 40 to (ahem) 60ish, and after some initial embarrassment, they now have the full support of their children.

"When we first showed them the routine, they suggested a few changes, but now they think we're really cool!"

With four yeses in the bag, the group stand a chance of making the live semi-finals at the end of May, so have they got any more surprises in store?

"If we get through we definitely have a few more tricks up our sleeves," says David. "We can't reveal too much, but our dream is to get dads all over the country joining in!

"They'll be no more pizza for a while!"

Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV next Saturday at 8pm.

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