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Round-up: another night, another AWESOME semi-final

There were dazzling dancers, sensational singers, and even a helicopter on the third AWESOME instalment of the BGT semi-finals.

But there was only room for two more finalists from Wednesday's show.

Magic man Jamie Raven took the top spot, with the Judges sending IMD Legion and UDI to deadlock.

UDI were eventually victorious, joining Côr Glanaethwy, Entity Allstars, Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse and Old Men Grooving in Sunday's final.

Check out our other magnificent semi-finalists here:

The band of brothers upped their game for their semi-final performance

The Sakyi Five impressed the Judges with their rendition of Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good on tonight's show - and who knew these boys can dance, too!

"It was leaps and bounds from the auditions... we saw something in you, and you proved us right," said Amanda.

The Siberian light dancers put on a spectacular show

Dance troupe UDI got a well-earned standing ovation from the Judges and the crowd for their powerful semi-final performance - securing second spot on the night and a place in Sunday's final.

"It's life affirming, it's just beautiful to watch," gushed Amanda.

"That's what this show is all about - seeing something we've never seen before," added Simon.

Dylan struts his stuff on the BGT stage on Wednesday's show

Young Irish dancer Dylan Byrd put on a spirited display in his semi-final performance. Even Alesha softened a little!

"I really admire you," she admitted after his dance.

"I'm not gonna say you're the best dancer in the world, 'cos you're not, but you have so much fun, and have so much energy, I really like you," added Simon.

Ella's magnificent performance brought the house down

Ella mesmerised the crowd with her edgy, powerful rendition of Everybody's Free by Rozalla on the show tonight.

"That's a very very difficult song to sing," said Simon. "You've got a real kind of star quality - it's just connecting you with the right song. It was good"

"I was really blown away by it," added David.

Young Gracie's rendition of Disney's Reflection wowed the Judges

Gracie Wickens-Sweet's rousing vocals mesmerised the audience, earning her high praise indeed from the awe-struck Judges.

"You are such a little superstar. You had the audience in your hands," said Alesha.

Simon added: "You didn't miss a note. I would say that was more than tip-tip - I would say that's fantastic! Well done."

Dance troupe IMD Legion made all the right moves on Wednesday's show

IMD Legion's explosive Avenger's-themed routine had the crowd enthralled.

"You came in a attacked it from start to finish. You know what, Entity Allstars have got some competition," said Alesha.

"What can I say," said Simon. "It was like watching some kind of superhero movie. You took these two minutes and tore it apart and made it all about you. Congratulations."

Narinder - inspiring a new generation of comb players

Narinder Dhani's got the Eye Of The Tiger down to a tee, and also a red buzzer from Simon. But there was no dampening the crowd's enthusiasm!

"You're a very very nice guy. There's a reason no one's made an album with a comb," said Simon, although the other Judges were entertained.

"It was great fun. Britain's Got Talent at it's best," added Alesha.

The Kingdom Tenors were only heading in One Direction in the semi-finals

The Kingdom Tenors' rendition of One Direction's Story Of My Life got a rapturous reception following their semi-final performance.

"I'm sorry to swear, but it was bloody brilliant," said Amanda.

"I've got to tell you - this is how one song can change your life," added Simon. "I thought the song really worked, it really did. I wasn't thinking about you guys making the final, but I've just changed my mind after that."

How on earth did he fit that helicopter up his sleeve?

Jamie Raven closed the show in winning style, leaving the Judges - well Simon, at least - almost speechless when he produced a helicopter on stage.

"Incredible!" said Simon.

"You went large, and it worked," added Amanda.

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