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Round-up: BGT ends on a high note!

Now THAT'S what we call a final, and a fittingly glorious end to what's been one helluva series!

A big fat congratulations to our fantastic winner Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse, and well done to all of our awesome finalists who put on such a spectacular show on Sunday night.

We can't believe it's over *sniff*, but before we sign off for now, there's still time to relive the acts that made Sunday's dramatic final so sensational.

Entity Allstars opened the BGT final with a fierce gladiator-themed routine

Entity Allstars' pumping gladiator-themed routine was a feast for the eyes from start to finish - earning a well-deserved standing ovation at the start of the show.

"You absolutely smashed it! The energy, and the passion, and the determination - it was a fight to the end... You've done me proud," gushed Alesha of her golden buzzer act.

"You're not here jut to take part, are you?" said Simon. "You're here to win it! Honestly guys it was really really fantastic! That has to have a chance at being a winning performance."

Light dance troupe UDI shone in Sunday's final

UDI didn't disappoint, and put on yet another stunning - and powerful - light show for their performance on Sunday night.

"That was absolutely amazing," said David. "Just as we thought we'd seen the best of you, it gets better and better and better... it's very special what you do."

"Visually spectacular. You guys really deserve a shot tonight," added Alesha.

Hankies at the ready people, it's The Neales!

The Neales' performance filled the BGT stage with glorious close harmonies during their rendition of I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz.

"I love you guys, and you gave a very emotional performance in the week. I wasn't crazy about the song choice I'm afraid... so it was good, but not as good as before," said Simon, and Amanda agreed.

David, on the other hand, said he absolutely loved it. "I do think the nation has fallen in love with The Neales."

"It doesn't matter about the song," added Alesha. "You guys have done yourself really proud."

Boyband were in their element on Sunday night

Boyband's electrifying performance in the final went down a storm, earning a rapturous applause from the BGT crowd, after bagging the Judges' wild card. Simon was a little disappointed with their performance, but the other Judges were mightily impressed.

"I just didn't like it that much," said Simon. "This felt more predictable, even though it was very good. I think you lost some of your personality.

Amanda disagreed. "I think that is your best performance so far... I've never seen so much athleticism. It had such a huge impact, I din't know you had more in you!"

Jesse-Jane won the public's heart to secure her wild card entry to the final

Jesse-Jane McParland morphed into a real-life video game for her swash-buckling performance in the final. Whatever you do, don't mess with this lil' nina!

"Things have moved on from My Little Pony haven't they!" said Simon. "You know what I see? I see you in a TV series... Love it!"

"It was a fantastic performance, I'm really glad you came back, you did brilliantly tonight. You should be very proud of yourself."

Amanda agreed: "You were absolutely brilliant. You did Ireland proud."

Impressionist Danny Posthill upped his game for the final

Danny Posthill brought Jonny Vegas, Keith Lemon and Dara O'Briain to the BGT stage for his fun-packed performance on Sunday night.

"Your material was slick. It felt much better paced than it did earlier this week. Honestly you smashed it," said Amanda.

"I thought it was better than earlier in the week, you seemed less nervous. Is it gonna win? I'm not so sure," said Simon, although David disagreed.

"Well tonight it's in the hands of the public... people on the street absolutely love you," he said.

Calum Scott stumbled at the start his performance, but recovered well

Calum Scott's haunting vocals delighted the BGT audience, despite a momentary hiccough when he forgot his words.

"It fell apart the first half of the song," said Simon. "Luckily on the second half of the song you picked it up... all I can say is I hope people judge you on the second half."

"You showed a tiny bit of vulnerability, and that's a good thing," consoled David.

Alesha agreed: "You have the most magical voice - when you sing, it does something to me," she said.

Côr Glanaethwy's emotional performance bagged them third spot

Côr Glanaethwy's magnificent rendition of Hallelujah had the BGT crowd from the get-go- earning the Welsh warblers a very well-deserved third spot in the BGT final. Before the result was announced, Simon thought they could win:

"I think we may be looking at the winners of Britain's Got Talent," he said. "And you know why I would like that? Every single one of you has given 100%."

"It was absolutely epic! You stir so much emotion," said Amanda, and Alesha said it was one her highlights.

Old Men Grooving proved you're never too old to get up and groove!

Old Men Grooving brought their very own wedding party to the BGT stage for their hilarious dad dancing performance on Sunday night.

"You guys are fabulous, I absolutely love it," said Alesha.

"Some people are gonna look at that ant think that was horrible, and other people - like me - are gonna think that was fantastic," said Simon.

"I think it would go down a storm at the Royal Variety Performance," added David.

Jamie Raven conjured up second place on Sunday night

Jamie Raven left the audience - and our Judges - totally dumbfounded when he produced a note autographed by Alesha from inside a fresh lemon.

"You, my friend, could win this," she gushed.

"I'm astounded! Earlier this week, you made a few mistakes, but tonight... it felt that you could go to Vegas. It was just extraordinary," said Amanda.

Simon agreed. "Don't use a chopper - get out a lemon! I mean seriously, you must be a wizard or something."

"There's nothing I like more than trying to catch out a magician, but I couldn't see anything - it was absolutely flawless," added David.

Isaac Waddington sang his heart out during his performance

Isaac Waddington reprised Always A Woman by Billy Joel from his audition for his heart-felt performance in Sunday's final. The crowd love it, and our Judges were full of praise for the young musician.

"OMG that was fantastic, fantastic!" gushed Simon. "No gimmicks, no tricks. But what I loved about it was that you in complete control... I thought I knew who was gonna win this show, I think I've changed my mind now."

"I'm your number one fan. You remind me of James Morrison" said Alesha.

"You sing with a knowing way beyond your years... that was an incredible performance," added Amanda.

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse were crowned the BGT winners on Sunday night

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse's PAWSEOME performance on Sunday night only went and bagged them the BGT 2015 crown! Matisse staged a great escape after stealing some sausages in their winning performance, but then won Jules' police officer round with a little help from Matisse's friend Skippy.

"It was really really fantastic… I always thought of myself as a cat person but now I think I’m a dog person - that was magical," said David.

"Honestly, it was just the most wonderful story, I’m crying my eyes out," said Amanda. I honestly thought we’d seen the best of the best, and this has knocked it out of the park."

"It’s very difficult on a live how… but what’s fantastic it’s your love for that dog and it really really shows! Maybe we just saved the best till last!"

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