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Round-up: Britain's got cuties!

There was just TOO MUCH cuteness on the BGT stage this week, kicking off with twelve little lovelies from South Wales.

Ranging in age from seven to 11, dance troupe Groove Thing melted everyone's hearts with their 70's-inspired dance routine, paving the way 10-year-old Gracie Wickens-Sweet, who was absolutely in her element, and earned a standing ovation for her pitch-perfect rendition of Over The Rainbow.

Piano prodigy Leo Bailey-Yang astonished the Judges with his incredible performance (wearing a blindfold!), while band of brothers The Sakyi Five got off to a shaky start with their song choice, but came back from the brink to bag themselves four big fat yeses, despite a few reservations.

We were treated to a few unexpected surprises after the break, when Luca Calò, Daniel Chettoe and The Cocooners took to the stage.

It's fair to say that Luca's dancing went down a little better than his *ahem* singing performance, and we're still pondering how he pulled off such an energetic dance routine donning a pair of six-inch heels. RESPECT!

The Judges had a whale of a time on Saturday's show

But the biggest shock of the night was reserved for Bonetics.

The audience was torn between fascination and not knowing where to look as 17-year-old Junior from Essex contorted his body into shapes we didn't even know existed.

Later on, the twelve strapping lads that are The Kingdom Tenors delighted the crowd - and that was even before they'd sung a note!

"There's something for everyone in this group, isn't there," quipped David. And well, he has a point!

Meanwhile, comedy impressionist Danny Posthill had the awesome foursome in stitches - which is no mean feat! - and after nerves got the better of poor Haydn and Beth, painfully-shy Emma Jones went from wallflower to WONDERFUL with her incredible operatic performance.

"I really like you. Actually, I'm gonna change that, I LOVE you," gushed Simon, following her stunning rendition of Ava Maria.

But the show ended on another high note, and the final golden buzzer of the series, when David sent comedy singer Lorraine Bowen straight through to the semi-finals.

Her self-penned song about crumble left Simon with his head in his hands, but the audience couldn't get enough.

"The people have spoken Simon, listen to them! You can forget about One Direction, people are gonna be buying songs about crumble," said David.

We can't wait to see what she cooks up for the semi-finals!

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