Take a look behind the scenes of BGT Live Shows 2019...

Akshat and Flakefleet
We certainly had a lot of fun with Akshat and Flakefleet
Rosie and Adam
And Rosie and Adam gave us so many thrills!
Contestants hugging
It was lovely to see our contestants supporting one another
Contestant Selfie
And making memories that will last a lifetime!
There's always something going on backstage, isn't that right 4MG?
Kojo and Mark
But there's always time to hang out with your mates!
Colin Thackery
While Colin had a heap of support in the audience from current servicemen and servicewomen
Kerr James
Kerr James was always camera-ready
Ben Hart 4MG
While Ben Hart and 4MG exchanged magic tricks backstage
Fabulous Sisters
And the Fabulous Sisters dedicated every minute to rehearsing!
X and Barbara Nice
Do you think Barbara Nice knew who was under that mask?
We couldn't help but smile when Gonzo was around!
Libby and Charlie and Jonathan
Libby and Charlie loved meeting our real-life action man, Jonathan Goodwin
Ben Hart
While Ben Hart always had a cheeky trick up his sleeve!
Colin Thackery
Not only did Colin Thackery win BGT, he also won the hearts of the nation!
BGT 2019 Contestants
And finally, we think this photo just sums up BGT 2019... Danger, magic, comedy and a whole lotta fun!