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Interview: There couldn’t be a better time for Andrew Derbyshire

He’s no stranger to performing but for Andrew Derbyshire nothing could have prepared him for his Britain's Got Talent audition.

Given encouragement by friends and family as well as a famous friend, Andrew stormed the stage more than a decade after his Pop Idol performance.

BGT Insider caught up with the dedicated singer to find out why he has never given up on his dream.

“Before I wasn’t being true to myself.," Andrew said. "When I did Pop Idol I was trying to be straight and sing the wrong songs. It’s all down to being yourself.

“I was doing panto with Louie Spence and he said you’ve got to do BGT. I believe in timing and now is the right time. It is one of my favourite shows, I just couldn’t see myself on it.”

Despite having appeared in major musicals including We Will Rock You and Joseph, Andrew was not prepared for how he would feeling taking to the BGT stage.

“Singing live like that you get so nervous,” he said. “Suddenly you’re thrown in front of 1,000s of people and the Judges and the adrenalin goes through the roof. You want to do the best you can. I don’t even remember doing the audition now.”

He earned himself a standing ovation but the Judges weren’t without their negative feedback for the flamboyant performer.

“I will tone it down a bit if I get into the semi-finals,” Andrew told us, “but I’ll still be true to myself. I massively wanted to impress Simon and I’d be a fool not to take his comments on board. If you can’t take criticism, you’re in the wrong industry.

“I’ve never taken another career, I’ve just kept going because I know it will happen one day."

That’s not to say Andrew hasn’t dabbled in jobs outside the entertainment industry.

“I’ve been constantly in and out of work as a budding actor but I’m very grounded,” said Andrew. “I’ve sprayed perfume in Debenhams and worked in an office. It’s what you have to do. People aren’t told this enough in drama school.”

And what would it mean to Andrew to be crowned winner of BGT?

Andrew said: “To win would be the most incredible thing ever. I love the Queen and I’d love to meet her. To get the public vote and know I had their backing would be amazing.”

Watch Andrew's audition again here.

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