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Lorraine Bowen on golden buzzers and taking David for a pint!

"Everyone loves a good crumble," says BGT's final golden buzzer recipient Lorraine Bowen when we catch up with her at home in Brighton. "It's the first thing you learn in home economics!"

The 53-year-old comedy singer divided the Judges with her quirky self-penned song about the UK's favourite pudding during her kitsch performance on Saturday night, but the audience couldn't get enough of it.

And more importantly, neither could David.

"I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing, I didn't even notice when Simon and girls pressed their buzzers. It didn't register at all," says Lorraine.

"Then I looked up after my DJ-ing section and saw David standing up conducting the whole audience - I was completely elated. I think I hit a high note that I've never even sung before!"

Everybody loves a good crumble, especially David

Lorraine's tongue-in-cheek performance - using her trusty Casio keyboard atop an old ironing board - left Simon with his head in hands at one point, but David was a smitten kitten from the get-go.

"The audience has spoken Simon, listen to them!" says David before he pressing his golden buzzer. "You can forget about One Direction, people are gonna be buying songs about crumble."

"It was just amazing, I couldn't believe he spent his golden buzzer on me," says Lorraine. "I felt like Willy Wonka!"

When she's not perfecting her baking technique, Lorraine can't get enough of performing ("I've written songs my whole life"), and also works part-time as a singing and keyboard teacher.

But her greatest passion is man-made fibres. "I'm a massive polyester fan! I've been collecting vintage polyester clothes since I was 16. Not many people can bring that into a comedy act!"

With an automatic place booked in the live semi-finals, Lorraine is remaining tight-lipped about her next performance. "I can't give anything away, but it's gonna be AWESOME!"

"I think the Queen would love my act. I bet she loves doing a bit of ironing in front of the telly, and we've got a lot in common: we both love bold outfits and tupperware. We both adore tupperware!

Either way, Lorraine hopes BGT will allow her to take her act to a whole other level, "I just want to spread the crumble word even further afield," she confesses.

"But what I'd really love it to take David Walliams out for a pint of beer, and say 'thank you very much'!"

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