jon clegg

Name: Jon Clegg

Age: 43

Act: Wild Card Jon picked up the 11th spot in the Final after wowing the Judges with his celebrity impersonations - he even did Simon Cowell

Impersonator Jon Clegg is the Wild Card

Funny man Jon Clegg will be making an impression in the Final after being announced as the Wild Card.

The comedian who impersonated Simon Cowell in his audition, lost out to Darcy Oake and Collabro in his semi-final but will now go head-to-head with the 10 top acts on Saturday.

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Collabro and Darcy are in the Final!

Collabro and Darcy Oake are in the final! Watch their winning moments

We have our first finalists! Collabro and Darcy Oake will be back to battle it out to be the winners of Britain's Got Talent on Saturday.

Collabro, Darcy Oake and Jon Clegg scored the most votes tonight and we had to wave goodbye to six awesome acts.

That left it up to the Judges to select a second finalist. David and Amanda went with Jon but Alesha and Simon voted for Darcy meaning we had a tense tie break.

Jon Clegg - how to make a good impression

It’s a brave chap who impersonates Simon Cowell in front of the man himself but on Saturday night Jon Clegg did just that.

The gamble paid off and he picked up a lot of laughs along with four yeses from the Judges. We caught up with the 43-year-old impressionist to find out just how he constructs his uncanny caricatures.