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FIRST LOOK: Literally JUMPING through HOOPS to IMPRESS our Judges!

Video guidance DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

We’ve seen a lot of unusual talents showcased on the BGT stage, but even by our standards this is unique…

Kai Hou is quite literally jumping through hoops to impress our Judges - who knew it could be so dangerous?!

But will they be suitably impressed? Find out in our final round of auditions - Saturday 30th May at 7pm on ITV and STV.


NEVER FORGET! Sons of Pitches showcase the ICONIC History of BOY BANDS!

We’ve been lucky enough to witness some incredibly iconic boy bands in the UK and Ireland over the years - From Boyzone, to East 17, to Take That, to 1D and everyone in between - we’ve been spoiled!

Sons of Pitches are taking us on a trip down memory lane as they showcase the history of boy bands through song (of course!). All icons are covered - including our very own PJ and Duncan!

Look out for a few fan-boy nods to our lovely Judges too!

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