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Calling all comedians! Are you ready to have a LOL in the Laughter Laboratory? Dr Ludvig Von Chuckles' newly-invented Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calculate how funny a joke is, and will rate them either Almost Funny, Funny or Hilarious. Get wise-cracking...

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Machine says... Jack is hilarious!

Pahaha! We’ve got the giggles after jokes from Ayla and Austin, Jack and Adomas. You’re a funny bunch 😂


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Ace sharezies this week gang. Check out Ethan’s awesome sword skills that he’s been practicing at Warwick Castle. Meanwhile Emeila showed off her self defense moves on Tia and Bobbie has been on a segway. We want a go!

Scrambled House of Swords ⚔️⚡️

Welcome to the Scrambled! House of Swords, our brilliant emporium of swords which do the most amazing things. Each week we look at three of the designs you’ve sent in and one gets made and displayed on our very own wall of swords. Send your swords here.

Pierre’s Funny Magisword makes you laugh all the time while Sophia’s Shoelace Magisword launches at your enemies feet and it automatically ties but it was Alban’s unbreakable Torch Magisword that won this week.

Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

The Scrambled! eggbox gets to quiz the best celebrities. Look who we've had so far... 😎🌟💫

The cast of Dancing on Ice 2019

I don’t want to tell you my favourite dance move, we’re just going to perform it!

– Richard Blackwood

I’ve fallen over on the ice so many times, I’ve lost count!

– Gemma Collins

My favourite dance move is a shimmy shimmy shimmy!

– Ryan Sidebottom

Father Christmas