Where's Your Bear BEAN? 🐻

Mr Bean takes Teddy with him on all of his adventures. We want to know what you and your teddy have been up to. Let us know here.

Amelia and her carrot teddy are having lunch at Ikea, Harry is with Swimmer the turtle and he’s from Greece and Esme and Elodie are hanging out before bed.

Kobi is watching Scrambled! With his teddy, Spot, and Jonny the dog. Harry has got a Mr Bean and ‘Teddy’ teddy! Amazing! And Jakob showed us his brilliant duckie that his nana got him from Ireland.

Oliver is relaxing with all of his Christmas teddies, Zara is with her elf and chocolate calendar and Scarlett’s bear helped to decorate the Christmas tree.

India is having fun with her teddy after school, Finn’s teddy Simone the Lione went missing but they found him again a few days later and Millie and is having a cuddle with her best friend, Alfie.

Tyreece and his Mr Bean Teddy have been hanging out at the Trafford Centre, Isabella & Delilah and their HUGE bear, Jambo, are having a cuddle, whilst Lily and Twinkle told us about going on holiday and needing a passport.

Finley has been hanging out with Gromit over Christmas, Layla and Fluffy are having a Christmas cuddle and Thomas and Mrs Snuggles are well travelled and have recently been to Thailand.

Terri’s elephant is waiting patiently to go to Disneyland, Daisie and Beary love watching Scrambled! together and Josh has been hanging out with his sloth bear, Bobby.

Teddy and Gerry Giraffe have been having lots of fun at soft play, Ava and Floppy bunny love Scrambled and want to be like Tina Tangled and Gabrielle has been playing dress up with her toy cat, Ginger.

Reuben and Captain T have been on holiday in Majorca, Harry and his bears Catcha and Rufus have been to a Halloween party, whilst Daisy is resting at home with her MASSIVE teddy collection! Wow Daisy, so impressive.

Emily is playing with her bear in the garden after her dance class, Amelie and her bear are camping at a festival and Harriet and her panda bear are snuggling up to watch TV.

William and bears Fuzzy Wuzzy and Colourful are getting a good view of the clouds from the aeroplane, Alexander is chilling with Mustard the caterpillar on a road trip and Connie is dancing with her favourite flamingo, Phillipe!

Max and his bear have a message for Mr Bean, Tamsin has been playing on the swings with Rosie the bunny and Grace’s teddy has been sleeping on her bed!

Ryan’s bear Ocean was playing games on his computer, Ewan, Isobel and Fluffy the Dragon are chilling in the sun and Kai and Billy Bear are getting ready for their day together.

Ava cycled 10 miles with mum, dad and her bear Pinky (amazing work!), Joseph took his bear crabbing and Emily is cuddled up in bed with Pudsey bear.

Dan and Ruby went to Butlins with their bear, Emily explains why her bear is called Kit and Immy and her penguin are off to a festival with their ear defenders!

Mitchell and his bear have been camping, Elizabeth and Jaspar bear on are on plane to Philadelphia whilst Joseph is chilling with Froggy by the pool in France.

James and his bear Mel are at the beach, Bella and Popsy Penguin are on holiday by the beautiful water and Kalin has so many teddies!!

Atalia and her bear have been hiding in camouflage, Riley is pretending to be a cavewoman with her bear and Maisie and her mouse are snuggled up in bed after a busy day.

Aphrodite’s bear has been climbing a cherry blossom tree, whilst Alfie and Hulk the teddy have been cooking breakfast and Alex and Robbie are having a cuddle with their Winnie the Pooh bears.

Hatty is hanging out in Corfu with her bear, Mitchell and his bear have been baking bread and Louis and his bear are in Greece!

Freya has been to the Build a Bear workshop and then pizza, Lottie and her bear went to the beach and Rylee and her bear Roo went to DisneyLand Animal Kingdom.

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