Where's Your Bear BEAN? 🐻

Mr Bean takes Teddy with him on all of his adventures. We want to know what you and your teddy have been up to. Let us know here.

Lyla takes Tigger to all of her pageants and Joseph and his teddy squad made him a surprise towel friend when he was on holiday.

Thomas and Monty the mouse had been out for lunch together, Ben and his teddy Shaggy went on the rides at the arcade and Millie-Rose was dressed at the Queen of Hearts for World Book Day and took her unicorn teddy with her.

Rogan and his teddy are having a cosy morning watching Mr Bean after travelling through the storm and Ashton’s teddy went missing and they found him on the clothes peg!

Orla took her cuddly Lambie to kickboxing and Jessie showed us two teddies she has had since she was born.

Emily showed us some great pictures of adventures she’s been on with her bears whilst Lily is hanging out with her friend, Donkey.

Grace and her colourful teddies are watching tv and Betsy showed off her sloth Sid who sneaks into school with her.

Helen’s bear knotty helps with her homework and Juliette’s doll Taylor has a new outfit and a teddy of her own!

Oscar was rescuing Sloth from the drain pipe! Olivia took her bear on holiday with her

Fahad and his teddy Simba are in the park, Brooke is with her bear that has been handed down from her nan but has lost it’s name - we called her Jo! And Sophia is having a chill out with her bear before her friends come over to play.

Find out where everyone else has been with their teddies so far this series