Eggbounce Challenge

It's a new series, so watch these celebs take on the Egg Bounce Challenge. How many times can they bounce the egg? Who will be the high scorer? πŸ₯šπŸ³

Matthew Syed πŸ₯š11

Perri Kiely πŸ₯š4

Denis Coleman πŸ₯š11

Lex πŸ₯š2

Vina Rose πŸ₯š3

Bailen πŸ₯š8

Desta French πŸ₯š8

Eyez πŸ₯š15

Tate McRae πŸ₯š2

Cher Lloyd πŸ₯š3

The Big Moon πŸ₯š7

Laville πŸ₯š5

Chiwetel Ejiofor πŸ₯š1 & Ed Skrein πŸ₯š3

Kurtis Lee πŸ₯š5

Kidzbop πŸ₯š3

Layla πŸ₯š2