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Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

The Scrambled! eggbox gets to quiz the best celebrities. Look who we've had so far... 😎🌟💫

Abi Elphinstone

Let yourself daydream. Some of the best stories start as accidental daydreams

Abi Elphinstone has some advice for young authors

Sibeal Pounder

I would hand all power to the kids and see what happened

If author Sibeal Pounder could run the country for the day, this would be her first rule

Hannah Jane Lewis

If I had a super power it would be to fly because then I’d get to places on time

Hannah Jane Lewis

Cast of The Kid Who Would Be King

Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks from Lego Movie 2

I get the same thing every day. 4 over-easy eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal and bacon

Chris Pratt has his ultimate breakfast EVERYDAY

Fleur East

I would love to be able to control time

Fleur said she’s thought a lot about what her super-power would be

Catherine McGrath

I love Taylor Swift, I’d pick Taylor Swift

Catherine talks about who she’d love to collaborate with


I’m known for doing the robot dance so badly that it’s actually pretty impressive


The cast of Dancing on Ice 2019

I don’t want to tell you my favourite dance move, we’re just going to perform it!

Richard Blackwood

I’ve fallen over on the ice so many times, I’ve lost count!

Gemma Collins

My favourite dance move is a shimmy shimmy shimmy!

Ryan Sidebottom

Father Christmas

Easy, it's those lovely treats you leave out for me, although it does make it tricky squeezing down the chimneys...

Father Christmas on his favourite thing about 25th December

Amber Heard and Jason Momoa from Aquaman

She's an amazing actress because she can't swim. Well, barely...

Jason Momoa on who is the best swimmer, him or his co-star Amber Heard

Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena from Bumblebee

Are we allowed to say poop? The poop one...

John Cena on his favourite emoji 💩🙊

The Kidz Bop Kids

The food, all the way...

The Kid Bopz Kids have no doubt about what their favourite part of Christmas is

Call Me Loop

I love pandas so I'd probably work in a panda sanctuary

Call Me Loop - aka Georgia Buchanan - reveals what she'd do if she wasn't a singer 🐼

The X Factor finalists

The laughing crying face and two pink love hearts!

X Factor finalist Scarlett Lee on her fave emoji

You might know an artist called Stevie Wonder...

X Factor finalist Anthony Russell on who he'd sing a duet with

The pirouette?

X Factor finalist Dalton Harris on his favourite dance move

Spy School's Agent J

It would be the 'Spy Shuffle', in which I have to slip off the dance floor and into the shadows to save myself the embarrassment of trying to 'get down'.

Spy School's Agent J ponders his signature dance move

Dusky Grey

Benedict Cumberbatch

Family. And friends. And a little time off work.

He's no Grinch! Benedict Cumberbatch on what gets him excited for Christmas...

Spy School's Goldfist

I find guests irritating because they're never as interesting as me, so I would have to say a collection of six mirrors seated around the table, all facing me.

Spy School's Goldfist discusses his dream dinner party guests - yikes! 🙊

Kara Marni


Chinese food!

The Rak-Su guys contemplate their favourite brekkie food... 🍜


Daniel Davies

Which Scrambled presenter would I like to take to a party? I think Arielle because she likes music 🎶

The Voice Kids winner Daniel Davies
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