Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

We sent the Scrambled! eggbox to quiz the best celebrities. Take a look back at who we've had on the show and don't forget to check out the Eggbounce Challenge too! 😎🌟💫


Eating cake at the end of New York Fashion Week, that was so cool!

Lex tells us about some really cool stuff she's got to do from being a popstar

Max George

I don’t have any in my locker so that’s extremely difficult. I’m gonna go with the worm!

Max George confesses he’s not great at dancing so would struggle to pick a fave

Vina Rose

I used to dance so I would say the pirouette

Vina talks about her favourite dance move


I can’t floss but I floss every day, which is important!

Bailen aren’t too great at the dance move but their teeth are in excellent condition

Desta French

I think it’s important to be happy.

Desta French talks about her 5 year plan

John Cena

I was covered in artificial poop… there aren’t too many people who can say that!

John Cena talks about the funniest thing that happened during filming his new movie

Eyez x Saffa Ghorishi

I’m a proper Fifa fan so when my song was on that that was a career highlight for me

Eyez has done some really cool stuff already

Tate McRae

I’m really bad at talking about my feeling and lyrics and writing are one way I can express myself

Tate McRae on how being a musician helps with her emotions

Cher Lloyd

I don’t have a favourite place but I have favourite people so wherever they are is my favourite place in the world

Cher knows what’s important in life

The Big Moon


The Big Moon talk about their favourite thing about being a musician and it’s all about the free food!


It’s going to have to be Miami. It’s the people, the food, the weather, the beach… yeah, it’s great!

Laville talks about his most favourite place in the world

The cast of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

I’d like to see you as Maleficent. Maybe we should take turns for a day

Angelina Jolie wants her Maleficent co-star Elle Fanning to try out being the baddie!

Kurtis Lee

It would be a 4 day weekend and a 3 day week because that would be bangin’!

Kurtis knows his first rule if he were to run the country for a day

Kidzbop Kids

I would have the ability to freeze time because I could click my fingers and go on holiday

Ashton knows how to pick a good super power

Albert Tsai and Tenzing Norgay Trainor (stars of Abominable)

I like the people in the superhero movies with the mind powers. So telepathy!

Albert knows which superpower he’d choose

Axel Janseen

Two things, musician and a chef and obviously I’m doing one of them. We’ll see what happens in the future, maybe I’ll become a chef!

Axel explains his dreams as a kid

Joel Corry

I’d want to look into the future so I could win the lottery!

Joel wants a cool super power

Aaron Martyn

My dream is to fill out the O2 arena by the time I’m 20

Aaron is dreaming big and we like it!


I remember wanting to work in a supermarket because I loved scanning things!

Layla talks about her childhood play memories


Definitely Destiny’s Child!

No messing around when it comes to 303’s dream collaboration!

Rosie McClelland

Pudding for dinner! That would be my rule

We’d vote for Rosie with these rules for running the country!

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