Which celebrities are answering the Scrambled! Eggbox questions this series? Take a look below

5 West

I love recording in the studio and hearing the song come together. Like wow, we made all of that

Owen from 5 West talks about what his favourite thing is about making music in the band

Josie Man

It’s all about how we go through hard things to grow and we have to go through change to grow and it’s a very good thing

Josie talks about what her new single ‘grow’ is all about

Reggie n Bollie

I had to sit on a container. The film crew put me there and then I was stuck!

Bollie talks about the funniest thing that happened to him when filming a music video

Zoe Wees

It was my past and the teacher who was there for me during the epilepsy and the seizures. She was always there for me and it’s not obvious so I thought, I want to write a song for her

Zoe Wees talks about what inspired her to write her new song, Control

El Jawani

The front line workers. The NHS. Everybody that put their heart and soul into saving everybody’s lives. These guys are the real superheroes

El Jawani talks about the inspiration for his new track ‘No Hands’

Becky Hill

It’s like a diary entry. I can look back at the songs I’ve written and tell you what  I was going through at the time

Becky Hill talks about her favourite thing about making music

Johnny, DMA’S

Probably getting lost in the studio with all the sounds but also getting to play them live to everyone

Johnny talks about the best thing about making music