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Which celebrities are answering the Scrambled! Eggbox questions this series? Take a look below


I’d have to say falling over because I can’t dance very well so I usually end up on the floor

Foxes jokes about her signature dance move

Zachary Knowles

Johnny and June is a simple love song. I wanted to hit it on the simplicities of love

Zachary talks about what his new song is about

Matilda Lawler & Ben Schwartz

When I was younger, I wanted to be Ariel when I grew up but my family say I’m more like Belle

Flora & Ulysses star, Matilda, talks about which Disney character she most likes

Nathan Evans

For me it’s got to be #SeaShanty because that’s why I’m here

Nathan Evans talks about his hit song Wellerman

Sean Thorne

I do a radio show, we come into contact with lots of different boy bands. Luke’s done loads of stuff… going on tour with boy bands. That whole world is mad. We thought we’d take some of that crazy world, put it in a book and make it even more ridiculous!

Sean has written a book with our very own Luke Franks

James Smith

I’d definitely say songwriting is my favourite part about making music. I see some writing as a puzzle and it’s like cracking a code

My Oh My singer, James, on his favourite part of the songwriting process

Jess French

Meeting people who have read my books, especially if I feel like it’s made a difference to their lives or taught them something about how to change the world

Author Jess talks about her favourite thing about being an author

Izzy Bizu

I would be a psychologist because I love people and I love having a conversation about how we feel

Izzy talks about what she’d like to do if she wasn’t a singer songwriter


The Queen. Her majesty is an ultimate legend. Two birthdays. Dog lover. Respected around the world. Legend

Shojon tells us that HRH is his inspiration


#DogDad #BossBabe

American band, Joan, talk about which hashtag best describes them

Pete Firman

There’s adventures, a few scares, puzzles and a big ferocious beast with razor sharp teeth. What’s not to like about that!

Pete plays the Professor in new CITV game show Don’t Unleash The Beast

Celeste (Disney Soul)

I really love the guy that’s played by Graham norton who sails around the in-between worlds saving all these lost souls

Celeste voices a character in the new Disney movie, Soul


I think it’s the Michael Jackson moonwalk… my signature dance move

We’ll see you on the dancefloor, John from Publika!


My signature dance move is the side step, because you can’t go wrong with a side step

Abi, the lead vocalist in MarthaGunn, tells us her go to move

Mrs Claus

There is nothing more special than joy. So it doesn’t matter what Christmas present you open today, children, because the joy and love that Christmas spreads around the world is the most precious thing of all.

Mrs Claus tells us her favourite thing about Christmas

Sibéal Pounder

I’ve always been fascinated by Mrs Claus because everyone knows who she is, yet no-one really knows her at all

Sibéal Pounder talks about what inspired her to write her new book, Tinsel

Karen Harding

I’d be #KarensAreStillCool. I’m repping for all the Karen’s out there

Karen Harding jokes about what hashtag best describes her


I kind of liked this person and they didn’t know and I thought ‘if I’m not going to tell you, I’ll just write a song instead

Eyelar talks about why she wrote her new song

Declan J Donovan

It’s essentially a song about appreciating the underappreciated people in your life and just showing them a bit of love and letting them know you are there for them.

Declan J Donovan on the meaning behind his new song Perfectly Imperfect

The Drug Store Romeos

My favourite emoji is the sunrise emoji because it’s the best time of day

Charlie from The Drug Store Romeos

Frankie, Vick and Sam, HOW presenters

Bigger, bolder, brighter! More of you lot are involved as well

Vick talking about the new series of HOW and how it has changed over the years

Hannah Grace

I went to America with my best friend Jess. I’d never been there before and it really felt like home so that’s what the song is about

Hannah talking about her new song, Feels Like Home

5 West

I love recording in the studio and hearing the song come together. Like wow, we made all of that

Owen from 5 West talks about what his favourite thing is about making music in the band

Josie Man

It’s all about how we go through hard things to grow and we have to go through change to grow and it’s a very good thing

Josie talks about what her new single ‘grow’ is all about

Reggie n Bollie

I had to sit on a container. The film crew put me there and then I was stuck!

Bollie talks about the funniest thing that happened to him when filming a music video

Zoe Wees

It was my past and the teacher who was there for me during the epilepsy and the seizures. She was always there for me and it’s not obvious so I thought, I want to write a song for her

Zoe Wees talks about what inspired her to write her new song, Control

El Jawani

The front line workers. The NHS. Everybody that put their heart and soul into saving everybody’s lives. These guys are the real superheroes

El Jawani talks about the inspiration for his new track ‘No Hands’

Becky Hill

It’s like a diary entry. I can look back at the songs I’ve written and tell you what  I was going through at the time

Becky Hill talks about her favourite thing about making music

Johnny, DMA’S

Probably getting lost in the studio with all the sounds but also getting to play them live to everyone

Johnny talks about the best thing about making music

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