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Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

We sent the Scrambled! eggbox to quiz the best celebrities. Take a look back at who we've had on the series so far and don't forget to check out the Eggbounce Challenge too! 😎🌟💫

Mighty Kids

I first learnt to beatbox when I was 12 years old. I used to play the drums at school

Hobbit talks about when he first learnt his skill

Larissa Murray - Robozuna

It would be memory - to remember everything. All the books you’ve read, everything you’ve seen, to be able to recall it like that!

Perfect recall would be Larissa’s dream robot ability in real life

Laura Ellen Anderson

I absolutely adored the Worst Witch series… I used to read them over and over and over again

Author and Illustrator, Laura tells us about her favourite book as a child

Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae, Director and Producer of Onward

It’s a message of support to people who have helped you along the way in life and letting them know you appreciate them.

Dan and Kori discuss the meaning of new Disney Pixar film, Onward


Every single food store - free!

Misunderstood have big plans for their first rule if they could run the country for a day

Matthew Syed

The thing I enjoy most is coming up with a new story. You have to be creative, you have to use your imagination and that is a lot of fun!

Matthew’s favourite thing about being an author

Perri (Diversity) and Vanessa, Dancing on Ice

Pancakes! Done. No thinking. Big stack. Preferably 10-15

Perri didn’t skip a beat when it came to his ultimate breakfast

Jeff Fowler - Sonic The Hedgehog

A giant stack of pancakes with some sausage on the side

Mmm, this breakfast sounds great and we’d eat it quicker than Sonic!

Denis Coleman

Pancakes with some blueberries in them, maple syrup drizzled on there and some delicious crispy bacon.

Denis, you had us at pancakes! We’re all about this ultimate breakfast, where do we sign up?

Take a look back at who we've had on the series so far, from stars including John Cena, Lex, Cher Lloyd, The cast of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Kidzbop Kids and much more!

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