6am - 9pm

Kitchen Disco 💃🕺

Whether you're flossing by the fridge or sliding by the sink, we love seeing your dance moves! Send them into us here and we could be showing everyone how to do your signature move.

Kyra’s Superman Groove and Freddie & George’s Sassy Swing

George’s Knockin’ Knees and Michael’s Swap & Groove

Vinika’s Sassy Spin and Olivia’s Slide & Stomp

Liberty’s Twist and Paris’ Groove

Maisie’s Sassy Star & Simon’s Awesome Tutting

Filip’s Robot Vibes & Betsy and Diya’s Side Leg Kick

Emilia’s Disco Dab & Keon-Rhys’ Living Room Groove

Theo’s Rock Star and Miles’ Power Pose 🤘

Joel’s Super Slick Octopus Arms and Ethan’s Jumping Groove

Alice’s Underwater Vibe and Amelia’s Cross & Pump

Estacia’s Party Pump and Jesse’s Brilliant Breakdancing

Amelia’s Sway with Swag and Kai’s Cool Combo

Anati’s Super Swim and Charlie’s Bedtime Bop

Violet’s Surf ‘n’ Kick and Jake’s breakdancing bop!

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6am - 9pm