6am - 9pm

Kitchen Disco

Whether you're flossing by the fridge or sliding by the sink, we love seeing your dance moves! Check out these awesome signature moves below for some serious dance inspiration

Hugo’s Raving Vibes & Lilah’s Awesome Routine

Lola’s Happy Dance and Isabella’s Kitchen Bop

Tilly’s Hip Hop Vibes & Joshua’s Awesome Rodeo

Matthew’s Magic Robot & Bonnie’s Super Strong Pose

Jim’s Fabulous Floss & Sean’s Awesome Air Guitar

Harley’s Extra Exercising & Leah’s Serious Sunday Sass

Jena’s Robot Snake and Lilly-Rae’s Super Cool Sway

Jacob’s Kitchen Party Vibes & Scarlett’s Sophisticated Ballet

Minnie’s Marvellous Robot & Amaani’s Awesome Disco

Thomas’s Hallway Jig & Eva’s Park Groove

Emily’s Dainty Dolly & Milan’s Super Cool Carwash

Scarlett’s Fabulous Floss & Edward’s Super Swim

Amelia’s Cruela Vibes and Lorenzo and Giovanni’s Snappy Crab

Vincent’s Kitchen Disco & Alyssa’s Sassy Swing

Jason’s Rockin’ Robin & Lorcan’s Flying Reindeer

Theo’s Perfect Piano & Abi’s Christmassy Bop

Ciara’s Superb Swimming & Rocco’s Stupendous Slow Dance

Evie’s Sassy Sway & Molly’s Funky Pump

Gracie’s Family Conga & Calantha’s Super Cool Moves

Primrose’s Super Spin & Maxwell’s Dramatic Robot

Kleon's Power Fist-pump & Evie’s Energy Bop

Alex’s Spinning Star Jumps & Ernie’s Cool Kicks

Blake’s Bonkers Bop & Lily’s Marvellous March

Maddie’s Cool Chatterbox & Toby’s Super Shuffle

Maisie’s Squat and Squiggle & Harley’s Awesome Attitude

Daisy’s Classy Routine & Jasper’s Living Room Rave

Blake’s Super Cool Slide & Rose’s Sassy Sway

Chloe’s Cool Moves and Rizwan’s Energetic Vibes

Scarlett’s Kick & Hop and Joseph’s Disco Inferno

6am - 9pm