Laughter Lab 😂

Welcome to the Laughter Lab where LOLs and science meet. Dr Ludvig Von Chuckles' tried and tested Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calculate how funny a joke is. Do you have what it takes?

Send in your jokes here.

Machine says… Blane is hilarious!

Mega jokes and cheeky LOLs from Sylvester, Blane and Thalia.

Machine says… Bedilu is hilarious!

LOLs all round with cracking jokes from Molly, Benjamin and Bedilu.

Machine says… Jack is hilarious!

Tickling our funny bones we had jokes from Jack, Ethan and Zoe.

Machine says… Oliver is hilarious!

All aboard the LOL-a-tron with Oliver, Cedric and Kayleigh.

Machine says... Poppy is hilarious!

Haha. Mega LOLs from Elleonore, Harry and Poppy today. Thanks for making us laugh.

Machine says... Kyran is hilarious!

Bringing all those New Year giggles to Scrambled!, thanks to Joel, Kyran and Orysia for the LOLs.

Machine says... Alfie is hilarious!

Ho ho ho! Making us giggle this Christmas morning we have Jessica, Rebecca and Alfie.

Machine says... Isaac is hilarious!

Hehe. Tickling our funny bones this week we have Anastasia, Laurel and Isaac.

Machine says... Ruby is hilarious!

Out of this world jokes this week from James, Ruby and Emma.

Machine says... Zarah is hilarious!

Hahaha. Captains of the ROFL team this week are Zarah, Amelia and India.

Machine says… Gracie is hilarious!

Hahaha. Gracie, Anna and Jacob tickled our funny bone this weekend.

Machine says… Lucas is hilarious!

Hahahaha. Graduating from Laughter Lab with Giggle Honours this week we have Gracie, Lucas and Dylan.

Machine says… Soriyah is hilarious!

Choo choo, all aboard the ROFL train. Saturday morning LOLs thanks to Zayn, Amelia and Soriyah.

Machine says… James is hilarious!

Taking the wheels of the ROFL-copter this week we’ve got Lucas, Kate and James.

Machine says… Kaya is hilarious!

Cheeky and funny! Hilarious jokes from Kaya, Jensen and Isabella.

Machine says… Darcy is hilarious!

Hahaha. Thanks for the morning giggles Darcy, Bradley and Sam!

Machine says… Matthew is hilarious!

Choo choo! All aboard the LOL-a-tron train with Matthew, Sofia and Abigail.

Machine says… Harvery is hilarious!

Hahahah. Top class LOLz from Issabella, Mason and Harvey.

Machine says… Samuel is hilarious!

Flying the ROFL-copter this morning we had Ruby, Joseph and Samuel.

Machine says… Saharrah is hilarious!

Tickling our funny bones this week we had Tiernan, Saharrah and Joseph. Great jokes gang!

Machine says… Max and Ava are hilarious!

LOLOLOL. Saturday morning giggles courtesy of Cerys, Ava and Max!

Machine says… Alexis is hilarious!

Hahaha! We’re kicking off the new series in style thanks to chuckles from Alexis, Amyrah and Liberty, our LOL Queens!