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Laughter Laboratory

Welcome to the Laughter Lab where LOLs and science meet. Dr Ludwig Von Chuckles' tried and tested Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calculate how funny a joke is. Do you have what it takes? Take a look at your hilarious jokes below

Machine says…  Hrudita is hilarious!

Hahaha! Tickling our funny bones, we had some brilliant jokes from Amelie & Theo, Anna and Hrudita.

Machine says… Ryan is hilarious!

Brilliant jokes from Isabelle, Ryan and Kyle.

Machine says…  Bethan is hilarious!

Bethan, Sebastian and Ysobel are LOL machines!

Machine says…  Sophie is hilarious!

Making us snort into our cereal this morning, we had some great jokes from Juliette, Sophie and Mikayel.

Machine says… Elijah is hilarious!

Henry, Sophia and Elijah coming in strong with those jokes this weekend!

Machine says…  Maisy is hilarious!

Archie, Maisy and Adam had us all chuckling into our cereal this morning with their hilarious jokes

Machine says…  Vivaan is hilarious!

Graduating from the Schools of LOLs we have jokes from Vivaan, Henry and Olivia.

Machine says…  Faye is hilarious!

Future comedians - we’re still chuckling thanks to jokes from Marriam, Logan and Faye.

Machine says…  Jessica is hilarious!

Mega cheeky LOLs from Jessica, Japjeevan and Olly.

Machine says…  Bethany is hilarious!

Omar, Phoebe and Bethany were ticking our funny bones this morning with their hilarious jokes.

Machine says…  Alfie is hilarious!

Delivering all the LOLs we have Alfie, Scarlett and Erica.

Machine says… Sree is hilarious!

Hehehe, we’ve got the giggles thanks to jokes from Sree, Jackson and Charlie.

Machine says… Elliott is hilarious!

We’ve been fishing and we’ve caught some mega Saturday LOLs from Nife, Adriana and Elliott.

Machine says…  Roshni is hilarious!

New Year, new LOLs. Making us laugh this Saturday we had some cracking jokes from Roshni, Nicolas and Catherine. 

Machine says… Macy is hilarious!

Christmas comedy crackers from Jashan, Harrison and Macy.

Machine says… Iris is hilarious!

We’re feeling very jolly after these Christmassy jokes from Iris, Henry and Roselia

Machine says… Kayden is hilarious!

Festive LOLs from Evie, Beth and Kayden.

Machine says… Alessia is hilarious!

Festive mega LOLs from Abi, Noah and Alessia.

Machine says… Max is hilarious!

Our sides are splitting after jokes from Emilia, Max and Megan.

Machine says… Milo is hilarious!

Landing the LOL-a-copter we have jokes from Evie, Milo and Molly.

Machine says… Elliot is hilarious!

Making us chuckle in our cereal, today we had jokes from Millie, Thomas and Elliot.

Machine says… Tatiana is hilarious!

Mega weekend LOLs from Wilfred, Zac and Tatiana.

Machine says…  Ethan is hilarious!

Mega LOLs this morning thanks to jokes from Ethan, Henry and Euan.

Machine says…  Felix is hilarious!

LOLs all round with cracking jokes from Felix, Mollie and Billy.

Machine says…  Alfie is hilarious!

Landing the ROFLcopter with style, we’ve got jokes from Charlie, Lily and Alfie.

Machine says…  Darcey is hilarious!

Tickling our funny bones this morning with jokes from Teddy, Stanley, Darcey!

Machine says…  Noa is hilarious!

Visiting from the Land of LOLs, we had brilliant jokes from Daniel, Millie and Noa.

Machine says…  Kit is hilarious!

All aboard the ROFL-copter. All the LOLs from Kit, Darcy and Jamie.

Machine says…  Luke is hilarious!

Travelling to the Land of LOLs with James, Jacob and Luke - great start to the series!

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