Laughter Laboratory

Welcome to the Laughter Lab where LOLs and science meet. Dr Ludwig Von Chuckles' tried and tested Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calculate how funny a joke is. Do you have what it takes? Send in your jokes here.

Machine says…  Alfie is hilarious!

Landing the ROFLcopter with style, we’ve got jokes from Charlie, Lily and Alfie.

Machine says…  Darcey is hilarious!

Tickling our funny bones this morning with jokes from Teddy, Stanley, Darcey!

Machine says…  Noa is hilarious!

Visiting from the Land of LOLs, we had brilliant jokes from Daniel, Millie and Noa.

Machine says…  Kit is hilarious!

All aboard the ROFL-copter. All the LOLs from Kit, Darcy and Jamie.

Machine says…  Luke is hilarious!

Travelling to the Land of LOLs with James, Jacob and Luke - great start to the series!