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Outsmart Sam?

Sam is the winner! 👑


I am the undisputed cleverest man in the whole world of television and all other worlds discovered and undiscovered

Sam's very modest acceptance speech 😂

This series we've been trying to Outsmart Sam and you have all stepped up to try and defeat our resident smarty-pants.

Sam won this series with 16 points to Team Kids' 14. We'll get him next time!

If you have a question or a fact that you think might stump our Mr Know-It-All upload your video here and let's Outsmart Sam!

B+ Sam knows his geography gang! 2-1 to Sam

Sam was on fire this week and knew Kai and Sidney’s geography questions but was stumped by Sass’ history knowledge. But you get extra marks for Sidney’s brilliant thumbs up delivery! 🙌

B- Great questions but Sam has been swotting up on his facts this week!

Maddie stumped Sam with her baby Puffin question but he’s clearly been doing his homework and knew the answers to Zara and James’ questions

C+ It's time to come up with some tricky questions, Team Kids!

Alexa and Alex had some good traditional geography and maths questions but Sam paid attention during his school lessons and knew the answers. At least Millie managed to stump him with her crafty crayon question - he wasn't even close with his answer!

A+ Amazing work this week gang! Clean sweep 3-0 to you at home!

Amber, Mathilda and Niko all managed to stump our resident brainbox this week with their brilliant questions.

A-Brilliant questions this week but Sam is a fan of Ballet so knew the answers

Lilia stumped Sam with a stonker of a question about William Shakespeare but Sam pulled it out the bag this week by knowing the answer to Erin and Gabriella’s questions. A point to Sam!

A-Excellent questions this week gang, and Team Kids take the lead

A point this week for you guys at home thanks to Georgie, Amelia and Milly! What colour is a sapphire, Sam? A clue… definitely not red!

B-Must make questions harder for our resident smarty pants

Well done to Amelie and Molly, who managed to outsmart Sam with their Egyptian question but Sam knew the answer to both Ada and Chloe’s questions, meaning he gets a point this week.

C+ 2-1 to Sam this week. But great questions nonetheless.

Grace's math question didn't phase Sam, and nor did Finley's solar system challenge. However, Isaac managed to completely stump Sam by asking how many teeth a wolf has. Better do some more revision, Sam!

A+ Just fantastic. 100%

Amber stumped Sam with her Disney question as did Rinico with his F1 trivia and Arthur with a history question.

C+ 2-1 to Sam this week!

We thought we were seeing double but it was just twins Liam & Jamie! Jamie managed to confuse Sam with a Wizard of Oz question but Sam’s been doing his homework and knew the answer to both Liam and Abigail’s questions.

B+ You'll have to get up earlier to stump Sam with Harry Potter trivia

We’ll be honest, Alexa, we didn’t hear your question because you were HOLDING A SNAKE! 😱 So cool! And you managed to Outsmart Sam but he knew the answer to Jenna’s history question and Marley’s Harry Potter trivia.

C+ Sam wins a point this week but one was a lucky guess!

He’s being doing his homework and it’s 2-1 to Sam this week but thanks for your brilliant questions, Tamsin, George, Sophia and Marina.

B+ 2-1 to Team Kids this week, really great questions!

Well done to Hailey, Aiofe and Ergi who managed to outsmart Sam this week with some Elvis trivia and history.

C+Sam is good at geography, be warned! But fantastic questions.

Sam is a geography genius and knew Alexa and Emma’s location based questions but Niamh clawed back a point for team kids with a questions about planets.

A- Another point for team kids and a very confused Sam!

Kyle and Lara managed to stump Sam with their questions but he knew which was the largest country, which was asked by Chelci.

B+You did it again! 2-1 to you at home!

Thanks to Lola, James & Abigail, you guys at home managed to Outsmart Sam yet again! Brilliant.

B+Two out of three ain't bad!

Thanks for the questions Louie, Ethan and Mark. Sam got one right but we still managed to out-fox the brain-box this week.

C+Good work guys but Sam got 2 out of 3 right! Must try harder.

Thanks to Ethan, Thomas and Eilidh for their questions. We love a good fact!

A+ Outstanding! Well done everyone!

Clean sweep this week with Matthew, Ariana and Cory each managing to Outsmart Sam with their questions!

B+ Excellent work gang - you win again!

Great news - TEAM KIDS are in the lead thanks to Hatty, Clarke and Jasmine.

A- Brilliant questions this week!

Well done to Anja, Isabelle and George for managing to Outsmart Sam with your difficult questions. Who even knew there was a God of Doorways? Not Sam, that’s for sure...

B+ Great work gang but Sam knows more than we think!

Great questions from Ted and James but smarty-pants Sam knew the answers! Luckily, Lilia was on hand with her tricky "what is DNA?" question to stump Sam!

A+ Clean sweep. 3-0 to you guys at home

Good work, Alexander, Amelie and Louis - you each managed to catch out our resident brain box with your questions!

C- Great effort but you need to get back to the books if you want to stump our Sam!

Brain box or what! Sam knew the answer to Olivia, Bailey and Tara's questions. Better luck next time!

C+ Must try harder, he's more clever than you think!

Well done to Aoife for managing to Outsmart Sam but he did manage to get the answer to Aaliyah and Niamh's questions.

A+ Clean sweep. 3-0 to us at home... the winners!

Nice one Joseph, Aaron and Chloe - you each managed to stump our resident smarty pants with your questions!

B- Sam has been doing his homework

Thanks to Angel, Oscar and Kayleigh for their questions but smarty-pants Sam managed to answer two of them! Can you do better?

A- Great work everyone!

You've managed to Outsmart Sam for yet another week thanks to William, Imogen and William . Apparently you got lucky on a few of those questions though...

A+ Excellent work, well done all

Great work, Gordon, Abigail and Jake. You managed to each stump smarty-pants Sam with your questions!

C- Great effort but you need to get up earlier to stump our Sam!

Uh-oh. Sam is super smart isn't he? He knew the answer to Anna, Immanuel and William's questions. Better luck next time!

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