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Outsmart Sam

Can you outsmart our resident smarty pants? Send in your questions to us here for next series. Make them tricky, Sam will be doing his homework whilst we're gone!

The final score: IT’S A DRAW!

Louis and Mia, Hermione and Aidan made sure that Team Kids got the point this week, making the final score of the series a draw!

We’ll pick up where we left off next series to crown the Outsmart Sam champions.

He’s so clever! Sam 7 - Kids 6

Ava, Jimmy and Chloe tried to stump Sam with their questions but he’s just too clever!

Another point for Mr Smarty Pants Homewood 6-6 📚

Roxanne, Arlo and Emily tested Sam’s knowledge this week but he got 2 out of the 3 right, getting another point and making it even stevens on the leader board.

Kids take the lead 6-5 🎓

Tricky questions from Theo, Ethan and Miles. Sam managed to get one right but overall it’s a point for Team Kids this week, well done!

Top points for Sam! Scores stand at 5-5

We don’t call him Mr Smarty Pants for nothing; Sam knew all the answers to Olivia, Chardonnay and Matthew’s questions.

Sam’s been doing his homework! 5-4 to Team Kids

Andra, Nathanael and Roman could not stump Mr Smarty Pants with their questions this week. He’s clearly been revising.

Team Kids steam ahead 5-3 📚

Devon and William stumped Sam with their tricky questions but he showed off his history knowledge in answer to Joseline.

Back in the lead! Kids 4 - Sam 3

Sam knew the answer to Elliot’s gravity question but Jonathan and Genevieve stumped him with their questions on Chinese politics and dinosaurs.

It’s even stevens! 3 points each 🌟

Mr Smarty Pants won another point this week after a lucky guess! Great questions from Malakai, Sofia and Zion.

A point for Mr Smarty Pants! Sam 2 - Kids 3 🎓

Megan stumped Sam with her space fact but he knew the answers to Imani’s and Daisy’s questions about animals.

Clean sweep for Mr Smarty Pants! Sam 1 - Kids 3 📚

Due to the hideous embarrassment of getting no points this series, Sam has locked himself away this week and has been revising hard. He knew the answers to all the questions this week from Rhylee, Zy'shae and Katherine! A well deserved first point to Sam.

Another point for Team Kids who steam ahead 3-0 🏆

Dominik and Otti stumped Sam with their interesting facts but he knew the answer to Stephanos’ Titanic questions.

Team Kids steam ahead 2-1 👏

Saxon and Jessica stumped Sam with a politics and history questions but he knows his geography.

Sam 0 - Kids 1 🎉

Kickstarting the series, we had super tough questions from Riley, Isla and Zarah.

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