Outsmart Sam

Can you outsmart our resident smarty pants? It's Sam vs Team Kids! Send in your questions to us here for next series. Make them tricky, Sam will be doing his homework whilst we're gone!

Another point for Team Kids. Sam 2 - Kids 5

Lenny, El Jawani, Gracie confused and outsmarted our resident brainbox to get another point for Team Kids.

A point for Mr Smarty Pants! Sam 2 - Kids 4

Mr Smarty Pants has been doing his homework and knew the answer to Jackson, Josie’s question but Joni stumped him with her fact about elephants.

Team Kids steaming ahead with another point! Sam 1 - Kids 4

Hatty, Reggie n Bollie and Charlie left Sam very confused with their tricky questions today, scoring another point for Team Kids, who are now steaming ahead!

Another point for team kids! Sam 1 - Kids 3

Super brainy Sam has been doing his homework and knew the answer to Riley’s question but Zoe and Joseph stumped him with their questions earning a point for Team Kids.

Mr Smarty Pants gets his first point. Sam 1 -Kids 2

Harry stumped Sam with his question but Sam has been doing his homework and knew the answers to Samson and Primrose’s questions.

Clean sweep for Team Kids! Sam 0 - Kids 2

Alex, JJ and Louis stumped Sam with all of their questions this week. Is Mr Smarty Pants getting rusty?

Team Kids get the first point! Sam 0 - Kids 1

Not a great start for Mr Smarty Pants because Joshua, Emilia and Ethan all stumped him with their difficult questions.