We LOVE finding out what you have to share. If you want to share anything with us, make sure to send it to us here.

Emily has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers and Ella drew a haunted house from Scooby Doo - amazing!

Scarlett and her dog Lily are walking in the forest after watching Scrambled! and Mason drew a picture of the northern lights and it’s incredible!

Theo and his friends got together and swam the equivalent of a marathon and raised £1480 for the WWF Amazon Appeal - incredible!! You are all amazing. Mila wants to be a journalist when she’s older and has been practicing with video reports with her cat.

In celebration of World Book Week, Uma and Phoenix describe their favourite books and Kerry has to guess what they are.

Alfey is showing off his karate moves in his new red belt and Stephen sent in a photo from rugby training.

Dominik and Kamiel showed off some awesome karate moves and Enola told us about her trip to Longleat where she held a tarantula!

Matthew made an origami crane on a timelapse (it is AWESOME!) and Samuel got a balloon animal made for him on holiday by a clown.

Laura shows us some really cool items that she’s collected from the foreshore and Riley is getting the boat ready for sailing school.

Amelie has created her own performance piece and we think she's a star in the making and Isaac is showing off a trophy he won on a football training course and when he’s older her wants to be a paleontologist - awesome! You go Isaac.

Alice gave us a fact about polar bears and penguins, James has been climbing and then went to the cinema as a treat and Zofia and Aiden tell us wheat they want to be when they grow up.

Isobel shows off some party skills, Reuben has edited a cool magic video and Emily has an ace magic coin trick!

Logan went to a Star Wars convention and stood next to a Storm Trooper, Ceridwen shares a fact about sharks and Beau has been hanging out with his mum in a cool manor house!

Willow and Lola have been hanging out and playing in the jacuzzi on holiday, Fraser has been helping at home with his little sister whilst mummy recovers from surgery and everyone is very proud of him and Ruby has made an amygdala bottle - which helps to calm anxiety.

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