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We LOVE finding out what you have to share. Take a look at these lovely things that you've shared to make us smile

Jessica wowed us with her awesome magic trick and Archie shared the certificate he got for doing extra work - good job!

Isla’s wishes were granted when she wanted to become a rap princess and Aisha showed us her workout routine as she competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Max shared a lovely photo of himself and his puppy, Einstein, and Bram and Ferris have composed their own song and choreographed moves to it - awesome!! 

Chyna shared a cool riddle with us and David showed us some ace exercise skills!

Bella showed us her taekwondo medals and Thea gave us a cool fact about Koala’s

Violet showed us her awesome drawing and demonstrated her super quick rubix cube skills and Rhys made us all smile with his keyboard skills.

Florence tells us about her favourite book, Matilda, and Kyran was telling us about his favourite book, Captain Underpants, ahead of World Book Day.

Alexander showed us his ace shell collection and Pippa hasn’t been able to go to gymnastics because of lockdown so has been practicing with her pony, Prince, and her Grandma.

Eve shared her own poem that she wrote and Iyana-Mae shared some facts about poet, writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

Scarlett and Reece are rocking out in the kitchen and Ysobel told us about her birthday surprise.

Poppy wrote a rhyme about her grandad’s teeth and Benjamin has a question for Luke who gives him some advice on how to become a presenter.

Lottie showed us her medals and then her friends Anna and Dylan showed us their gymnastics skills. Alice performed an ace poem

Hrudita tells us all about the science experiments and crafts that she does on her YouTube channel and Isabella tells us about her amazing scuba diving experience she went on with her dad.

Jayda wrote a poem about a snowman and Ellie told us about her new pet rabbit Phoenix.

Lucas, Jameson and Lucy showed off some ‘flipping’ fantastic gymnastic moves and Ruby wowed us with some amazing tongue twisters! 

Sofia impressed us with her geography knowledge and Darcy showed us a cool finger trick.

Lleyton has his own gaming channel on youtube and shows us how to complete games and Eliza shared a really cool tiger fact. 

Toby started a Vlog during lockdown and Heath has done a brilliant drawing of a giraffe

Holly has been doing her best DJ impression for her brother, Sam, and Evan was showing off some cool trampoline tricks.

Paisley has made a video showing us how to play chess and Sebastian is hanging out Ice Age the ride at a theme park in France.

Harriet is showing a picture she drew of the horse who lives in the field next door and Isla shared a really interesting fact.

Abigail and Dominic have built a train for their teddies to ride - so cool! Mila is the new cool kid and showed us some ‘flipping’ great trampoline skills!

Freddie’s the coolest kid in town and has been hitting the skate park with his walker and Seren has been reviewing some hilarious made up books.

Check out super talented Emilie’s awesome artwork! Meanwhile, Evie was showing off her flip skills at the park, what a daredevil!

Matthew has been practicing his newsreader impression over lockdown and Sebastian has started his own food business over lockdown, cooking meals with his dad and delivering them with his mum. We love it! 

Avarie has been on a carousel at the seaside, Ollie had a dinosaur impression and Eli and Taree have been drawing awesome pictures.

Emily’s sharing her favourite gems, Mason shows off his basketball skills at his big brother’s training and Olivia is showing us how to blow the biggest bubbles!

Esmae won a tiger in the arcade, Harry and Luke have been drawing dinosaurs and Kleon is blowing out the candles on his 11th birthday.

6am - 9pm