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Abigail and Dominic have built a train for their teddies to ride - so cool! Mila is the new cool kid and showed us some ‘flipping’ great trampoline skills!

Freddie’s the coolest kid in town and has been hitting the skate park with his walker and Seren has been reviewing some hilarious made up books.

Check out super talented Emilie’s awesome artwork! Meanwhile, Evie was showing off her flip skills at the park, what a daredevil!

Matthew has been practicing his newsreader impression over lockdown and Sebastian has started his own food business over lockdown, cooking meals with his dad and delivering them with his mum. We love it! 

Avarie has been on a carousel at the seaside, Ollie had a dinosaur impression and Eli and Taree have been drawing awesome pictures.

Emily’s sharing her favourite gems, Mason shows off his basketball skills at his big brother’s training and Olivia is showing us how to blow the biggest bubbles!

Esmae won a tiger in the arcade, Harry and Luke have been drawing dinosaurs and Kleon is blowing out the candles on his 11th birthday.