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Sharezies 😎

We LOVE finding out what you have to share. If you want to share anything with us, make sure to send it to us here.

Rhun made an awesome pancake, Joshua was showing off his kickboxing moves and Ruaridh made a snow-family! Really cool.

Lily tried out the lava lamp that we showed a few weeks ago (and it looks GREAT), Rufus was showing off his ace basketball skills and Benjamin with his dad and brother have been making Spy School mission chips - they look the real deal! Very impressive πŸ‘πŸ•΅οΈ

Alec showed us some fossils from his holiday in Madagasca, while Martha made a poster all about her holiday in France and Pixie tells us her favourite word in Welsh.

Lexi sent us a brilliant picture of the Scrambled! Gang, we love it! Ethan and Maisie wowed us with a cool bit of magic and Callum went to cheer for his sister at her first ever dance competition.

Niamh drew us a really cool picture, Rebecca updated us on her Butterfly Farm and Thomas has been making some cakes with his mum and his sister. Save one for us please! Yum 🍰

Jenson was showing off his awesome karate skills, whilst artistic Joshua has found a creative way of writing his name and Courtney wanted to share that her favourite subject at school is painting.

Sam has been dancing to some local jazz music on holiday, Alfie and his friends share the same school and wanted to say hello πŸ‘‹ and Georgiie has an ace eyebrow party trick πŸ‘€

Super Sam has been riding the bike without stabilisers for the first time, super talented Bia was showing us all of her medals and Gracie and Charlie are showing off the new addition to their family, Mr McFluffy the rabbit.

Besties Molly and Holly are spreading the message about how caring sharing is 😍 Melek has a really awesome hobby - horse riding! And Jessica knows the best way to kick back after a long day at school... reading a book!

Ted made an awesome snowman called Snowie. Angel got a dummy for her birthday and they have been practising to speak together all year and Brooke sent in a picture of the Scrambled! gang

Future artist Evelyn sent us a brilliant picture of a man getting an afro haircut in a salon, Lexi can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious BACKWARDS! Skill (we’re still practicing). And Raddin wants to work in construction and has been practicing by creating buildings from blocks. Awesome stuff πŸ‘

Laila drew an ace picture of the Scrambled! gang, football fan Louie has practicing his keepie-uppie skills and Beth told us a story about the tooth fairy.

How brill is Thomas' drawing of the Scrambled gang? Such great likeness! Jonny did some very, very impressive juggling, and Sam showed us his awesome origami Christmas trees. Thanks for sharing, gang!

Sammy and his uncle Michael have been having an arm wrestle, Emily sent in a picture with her new kitten, George, and Harry has been practicing his cheering after his favourite part of Scrambled!, Ed Cheerin.

Maia gave a lesson in Romanian, super-fan Dillan showed off his cool Thunderbirds collection, and Millie told us all about her ace day as a bridesmaid, when she stayed up until midnight!!

James is showing off some martial arts skills, Maia made her own autumnal crafts and Keyla and Louisa talk about being twins.

Amy drew us an awesome picture of the Scrambled! Gang, Sorcha showed of her quad-biking skills (for some reason we really want a donut now) and Dylan has a bonfire over at his nanny’s πŸŽ†

How brilliant is Thomas' mirror trick?! Even better than London and Arielle's attempt last month, right? Bia's dancing is INCREDIBLE too, and we love Louise's cool butterfly picture πŸ¦‹

Jess has been on her first ever swimming lesson and LOVED it, Bean has drawn an amazing picture of Luke throwing a basketball over a bear. Awesome! And Joshua can do a fun trick by making his eyes shake!

Nicola drew a lovely picture of her and Arielle as best friends (which we LOVE), Neve has learnt pi up to 20 decimal places and George and Isabelle love watching Scrambled and making up special dance moves when we’re on screen.

Adam and Sammy showed off their very impressive double skipping, Lucy drew a lovely picture of a dog and Jessica can do something weird with her tongue - cool trick!

Bethany did an awesome 'stuck in a box' mime, Zoe and her mum had a yummy yummy cake, and Jessica has a brand new kitten called Daisy - CUTE!! 😻

Jade’s hula hooping is AWESOME, while Shaydon blew our minds with his cool spider knowledge, and budding-artist Swakithi drew a brilliant picture of an orangutan in the rain forest!

Darcy had so much fun on a giant inflatable in Ibiza - CAN ALL THE GANG HAVE A GO PLEASE?! Meanwhile, George drew an amazing picture of a flamingo, and Pablo demonstrated incredible creative flair with his circus art πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨πŸ‘

Joshua has been driving a ferry (WE KNOW! SO COOL!), Tori drew an awesome picture of her dog, Cleo, and Libby wanted to share her exciting news - she’s now an auntie! Wonderful news πŸ‘ΆπŸ’–

🎢 Shaaaarezies, let's see what you're sharing today...🎢 Ruby has a lovely shout-out for her brother, Henry's got a really really cool wrestling outfit (and bear!), and Emma drew an awesome picture of a lion. Grrrrreat sharing, gang!

Sharing is caring, so thanks so much to Eloise for sending in her brilliant Scooby Doo drawing. Lovely Lily livened life with her alliteration, while Aaron showed us his magical Harry Potter costume. Good work, gang!

Have you ever seen a three-year-old play the ukulele like Emilia? So impressive! We're also in love with Mille's rhyming, while May's dancing to a familiar tune got us all bouncing around. Great sharing, all!

Wow, check out Jodi and her awesome backflipping skills. Plus, William and his alpaca and Rebecca and with her wonderful butterfly farm. Thanks for sharing gang.

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