6am - 9pm

Scrambled!’s Got Talent

The Scrambled! talent show! These talented Scramblers showed off their skills and impressed our judges, Harry Smiles, Billie Eyelash and Will.I.Phone.

Scrambled Stars ⭐️Freddie ⭐️Mya ⭐️Freya⭐️

Reminiscing about our faves from the series, we had Freddie with his epic harp playing, Mya’s awesome freestyling and Freya with her independent song - we loved them all! Thanks so much for sharing and keep your eyes peeled for everyone here, we predict big things for them.

Scrambled Stars ⭐Annabel and Charlie⭐️

Sebastian cheered us up with his amazing piano number that he composed himself and Annabel and Charlie wowed us with their impressive magic trick

Scrambled Star ⭐️Kiki⭐️

Future Superstar Kallea performed her own song with a very important message but it was Kiki who wowed us with a contemporary dance, taking the Scrambled! Star Crown

Scrambled Star ⭐️Malachy⭐️

Anya’s had us tapping away with her ace tap dancing routine and Malachy bowled us over with his awesome football poem - so good!!

Scrambled Star ⭐️Olivia⭐️

Olivia wowed us with her awesome dance moves and Jayla-Mae sang the sweetest version of an Oasis classic.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Theo⭐️

Maia showed off her lovely karaoke skills with a bit of Abba and Theo hit the slopes and showed off some awesome skiing skills!

Scrambled Star ⭐️Eivissa⭐️

Laila was flippin’ marvellous with her gymnastics routine and Eivissa wowed us with a Welsh song.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Lewis⭐️

Leila showed off her awesome moves but it was Lewis singing Someone Like You who wowed us and took the top spot. 

Scrambled Star ⭐️Reece⭐️

Multi-talented Pelena showed off with some ace singing and dancing and Reece had us in stitches with his vet sketch show. Loved it!

Scrambled Star ⭐️Noah⭐

There’’s No Drama with Maddie’s awesome dance routine but it was Noah who won the judges over with his incredible guitar skills! 

Scrambled Star ⭐️Freya⭐️

Florence is singing a brilliant rendition of Break Free and Stella showed off her impressive piano skills but it was last week’s Scrambled! Star, Freya, who managed to hold onto the top spot with her original song and awesome music video with her classmates.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Freya⭐️

Freya and her classmates wowed us with their original song and Sophia did an awesome ‘Dynamite’ routine

Scrambled Star ⭐️Amelia⭐️

Oakley showed us his incredible football skills but it was Amelia singing Dark Horse who took the Scrambled! top spot this week.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Heidi⭐️

Heidi reminded us of the lovely festivities by singing Feliz Navidad and Ben kept it Christmassy with his performance of Jingle Bells on the violin. Top talents kicking off a New Year.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Blayke⭐️

Lexi got us all feeling festive with a lovely rendition of When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney but it was Blayke who took the Scrambled! Crown after he performed a poem he’d written about his favourite football team, Wolves. 

Scrambled Star ⭐️Phoebe⭐️

Ysobel impressed us with her performance of the cup song but it was Phoebe who wowed us with her brilliant dancing skills and took the Scrambled! Crown this week.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Mya ⭐️

Annika impressed us with her piano skills and Zak performed a play about sports day but Mya managed to keep the Scrambled! crown with her awesome dance moves.

Scrambled Star ⭐Mya ⭐️

Mya took the Scrambled! crown doing an awesome dance routine and Micah is word perfect, rapping to Eminem - amazing!

Scrambled Star ⭐Amy and Scout⭐️

George was dancing to George Ezra but it was Amy and her well trained pup, Scout, who stole the Scrambled! crown this week.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Freddie⭐️

Strong competition from Rockstar Ethan and terrific tap dancing from Toby but it was Freddie playing the harp who took the top spot for a second week running.

Scrambled Star ⭐️Freddie⭐️

Darcy and Clancy performed a wonderfully spooky Monster Mash but it was Freddie with his beautiful harp rendition of River Flows In You that nabbed the Scrambled! Star Crown.

Scrambled Star ⭐️ Antonia ⭐️

Gracie showed off her awesome gymnastic skills, Antonia wowed us with her amazing vocals.

Scrambled Star ⭐️ Osian ⭐️

Riley had us all rocking out to his breakdancing in all his sequin glory and Osian wowed us with his spectacular original lockdown song and music video.

Scrambled Star ⭐️ Ryan ⭐️

Olivia showed off her awesome moves and Ryan impressed the judges with this performance of Shotgun by George Ezra, nabbing himself the top spot!

Scrambled Star ⭐️ Nathanael ⭐️

Valentina was busting some moves in the garden but it was Nathanael singing Old Town Road who took the Scrambled! Star crown this week.

Scrambled! Star ⭐️ Kayla ⭐️

Kayla wowed us with her awesome moves and James impressed us with his cooler than cool juggling skills!

Scrambled! Stars ⭐️ The Stencil Pencils ⭐️

Zara showed off some awesome gymnastic skills but The Stencil Pencils stole the SGT crown with their song about Covid-19!

Scrambled! Star ⭐️ Alissyah ⭐️

Nate was doing some awesome tricks around his house and Finlay is Ready To Rhumble but it was Alissyah and her incredible dancing that meant she got the Scrambled! Star crown this week.

6am - 9pm