World Records 🌎🏆

So close!

Luke attempted to beat the fastest time to sort 30 different awareness ribbons.

YAY! Officially Amazing - a joint new record for Kerry and Robyn.

Kerry and Robyn smashed a new World Record for most badges pinned on another person in one minute, getting 25 and beating the previous record of 22.

It was not 2B ✏️

Sam attempted to beat the Guiness World Record for ‘most pencils pierced through a water-filled bag in one minute’ but got a bit too excited and there was no water left!

That was rubbish 😝

Robyn attempted to steal Sam’s World Record from him of The Most Plastic Bottles Thrown Into A Target in 30 Seconds but she got… zero. Sam lives to shine his 11 World Record frames for another day!

It's a flop! Better luck next time

Luke attempted to break the World Record for most amount of pancakes made in one minute. He didn’t break the record but the Scrambled! team got to eat the pancakes so it’s a win in our eyes, Luke!

Kerry is left deflated! 🎈

Kerry attempted Sam’s previous World Record of most balloons burst by sitting on them in 30 seconds but didn’t quite beat it.

The sweetest thing! Robyn's first record 🏆

Robyn achieved her first ever Guinness World Record by decorating six gingerbread people in the FASTEST EVER TIME! Woohoo… now, can we eat them?