I am Team GB 2016

On Saturday 27th August at 9.30, CITV will be switching off for 1 hour so you can get outside and take part in creating the nations biggest ever sports day!

There will be lots of ways to get involved, including thousands of fun, free events across the country. You can find out more at the I am Team GB website.

Moss and Major have the right idea, kinda! Take a look at their Garden Games!

Make CITV Yours this Summer: Get Involved!

Aged between 5 and 15 and want to see yourself on telly this summer?

We're giving you the chance to get involved and be part of the CITV channel!

All you need to do is get your parents/guardian to send us your best selfie and you can join our characters on screen! Check out the examples below:

Selfie hints and tips HERE!
Once you've perfected your pic, send it to us HERE!

Check out YOUR Selfies HERE!

Make CITV yours this summer!
Watch us: Online, on Demand and on your Telly!

Make CITV Yours This Summer - Send us Your Selfie!

Aged between 5 and 15 and want to see yourself on the telly this summer? Check out the hints and tips below and when you have the perfect selfie, get a parent/guardian to send it to us via the uploader below!

How to Take a Great Selfie!


Natural light is the most flattering kind, so try to take your selfie facing a window or outdoors. Keep the sun or other light source in front of you, snap your pic a bit above eye level, for the best shot.


Many phones have two cameras: The back camera takes higher-resolution pictures which are great for using on the telly! Make sure you use this one!


You can't go wrong with a smile but if showing your silly side is more your thing then go for it!

Make sure your whole head is visible within the frame and look directly at the lens!

Say Cheeseeee!

Beware of the photo-bomber

The standard culprits include: Your family and friends trying and failing to be HILARIOUS and your furry, four-legged friends hogging the lime-light!

Before you snap your selfie, take a quick look around to make sure the coast is clear!

PLEASE NOTE: No Filters please!

All done?
NOW send us your Selfie!

Check out the examples below!

Take control of Thunderbirds Are Go

This Half Term we're giving you the chance to take control of your telly!

All you need to do is choose your favourite Thunderbirds Are Go episodes from the choices below!

The episodes with the most votes will be shown on Monday 30th May 2016 from 8 in the morning!

What are you waiting for? Take Control NOW!

Make sure you check back to see which episodes won the most votes, when the poll closes Thursday 26th May.

CLICK HERE for our General Participation terms. In the event of any technical issues or a tie, CITV's discretion may be used to decide which programmes are shown.