Gunge time!

Gunge time! Can you name 5 things in 10 seconds? It’s harder than you think when there is a gungey forfeit for getting it wrong…. splat!

Name 5 of the Queen’s children or grandchildren

House of Swords ⚔

A MagiSword is a sword with a magical ability based on it’s design. Do you think you could create a MagiSword worthy of our House of Swords? Send us your videos here explaining your design

Introducing … Lottie’s Nature’s Fury Sword

Lottie’s Nature’s Fury Sword helps plants grow, heals animals and helps nature, Daisy’s Time Changer Magisword stops time and lets you go to the past, whilst Adam’s Portal Magisword lets you move through the colours.

Laughter Lab 😂

Welcome to the Laughter Lab where LOLs and science meet. Are you ready to LOL in the Laughter Laboratory? Dr Ludvig Von Chuckles' tried and tested Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calculate how funny a joke is. We're ready to laugh our way into the weekend...

Send in your jokes here.

Machine says… Matthew is hilarious!

Choo choo! All aboard the LOL-a-tron train with Matthew, Sofia and Abigail.

Become a Scrambled! Star

We're back on your TV every Saturday morning and we need you!

You're a huge part of Scrambled! and we're looking for our next set of Scrambled! Stars.

If you upload something you might be in with a chance of winning a Scrambled! mug in the Super Scrambled Shiny Showdown! So what are you waiting for, get involved and upload your videos and pictures now, future stars! 🌟