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    We love finding out what you have to share

    Kitchen Disco

    Kerry and Robyn teach everyone your best moves

    Scrambled!’s Got Talent

    Brand new talent show! Can you impress the judges?

    Outsmart Sam

    Can you outsmart our resident smarty pants?


    Celebrities answer the Scrambled! Eggbox questions

    Gunge time

    10 seconds to name 5 things. It's harder than you think!

    Laughter Laboratory

    Can you impress the Joke-a-tron TX3000 with your jokes

    Would You Like To Be On TV? - Makeaway Takeaway

    Does your child love painting, doodling and is full of personality?

    Become a Scrambled! Star

    We're back on your TV every Saturday morning and we need you!

    Would You Like To Be On TV? - See Yourself on Screen Challenge!

    Have you got an amazing idea that could become a mini-TV show?

    Would You Like To Be On TV? - Don't Unleash The Beast!

    Are YOU ready? Do you have what it takes?

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    That’s a wrap!

    Can you believe it? Series 7 has come to an end already!

    What's your fave Showdown game?

    Fave part of Scrambled!

    Robozuna: Who is your fave?

    Hotel Transylvania: Who is your favourite?

    Outsmart Sam

    Can you outsmart our resident smarty pants?

    Where's Your Bear BEAN? 🐻

    Mr Bean takes Teddy with him on all of his adventures. We want to know what you and your teddy have been up to.

    Kitchen Disco πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

    Whether you're flossing by the fridge or sliding by the sink, we love seeing your dance moves!

    Laughter Lab πŸ˜‚

    Welcome to the Laughter Lab where LOLs and science meet. Dr Ludvig Von Chuckles' tried and tested Joke-a-tron TX3000 is able to accurately calcula...

    6am - 9pm