ITV: The Biggest Shows with the Smallest Footprint

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Extreme E

ITV is broadcasting Extreme E, the innovative new motorsport. Extreme E promises first class live action racing underpinned by an insight into the possibilities of sustainable technology.

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The shows we never want to make

These are the shows we never want to make. ITV is committed to lowering our carbon footprint to Net Zero by 2030.

Top tips on reducing carbon emissions

Here are some things we’re doing at ITV that we can all do at home too


Eating nine falafel burgers produces the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases as one cheeseburger

At ITV we are showing more vegetarian and vegan dishes in our shows, including John & Lisa's Weekend Kitchen and Living On The Veg

Switch to renewable

Switching to renewable energy could lower your home energy carbon footprint by over 45%

At ITV we will be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2025

Travel low impact

In the UK, around 60% of short trips are made by car, instead of walking or cycling

At ITV, we use local crews when we can to cut travel. We’re also switching to electric hybrid vehicles to broadcast from

Download before you go

Streaming TV content using data uses 39 times more energy than downloading it on wifi

Use ITV Hub + to download your favourite shows

Recycle well

recycling home waste properly could save enough energy to power a TV for 6 months

At ITV, we’re committed to Zero Waste by 2030, and we’re cutting all single-use plastic from our sites

Re-use and make it last

The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year

At ITV, many productions pass on items for reuse. Daytime wardrobe department donates clothes to Smartworks, a women’s employment charity

Cut energy use

The average UK home wastes over £50 each year by leaving appliances on standby

At ITV, we’re reducing our energy use to help us get to Net Zero carbon by 2030. Emmerdale are switching the studio lights to LEDs, which will save up to 85% energy

ITV's Home Planet

ITV Home Planet is a commercial initiative to encourage our viewers to reduce their carbon footprint in their home through a collection of green brands.

ITV the biggest shows with the smallest footprint