CITV is the number one commercial children's channel. We commission and acquire a range of programmes aimed at children up to the age of 12. Original commissions can be fully-funded but the kids TV market does lend itself well to co-production. We have also worked with the BFI (who manage the Young Audiences Content Fund) and found them to be a wonderful partner, helping us fund several UK-originated CITV series recently. 

We are looking for both live-action and animated programming, targeting kids around the age of ten. In an attempt to stand apart from some of our U.S. oriented competitors, we strive to make CITV feel distinctly British; most easily achieved through commissioning. For this reason, UK productions featuring UK kids and contributors set in recognisable British environments and telling stories that particularly resonate with our viewers is important.

Some of the shows we think epitomise the best of CITV are  'The Rubbish World of Dave Spud', a commissioned animation about a disaster-prone lad living in Manchester, 'Makeaway Takeaway' our arts and crafts series with scale and 'Ted's Top Ten' a live action comedy about a ten year old slacker tackling life's problems with his own top ten lists. 

Ideas ought to be fun, possibly irreverent, and definitely aimed at an audience that is looking for entertainment primarily.

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud
Makeaway Takeaway
Ted's Top Ten

How to submit an idea

Please refer to the commissioning page of the genre you are proposing and use the contact details provided there.