CITV outlines wish list for producers

CITV has committed its support to the Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF), managed by the BFI, awarding UK government funding.

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Director of Digital Channels said:"CITV is thrilled to support the Young Audiences Content Fund and to be working in tandem with the BFI on an initiative that will deliver more high quality, UK-produced kids television than could be achieved without it. We look forward to taking receipt of ideas that will enlighten and entertain our core audience of 6-12yr olds."

As a guide for Producers wishing to access the fund to help finance projects that CITV will commission and transmit, CITV has issued the following guidelines:

Initially, CITV is looking to commission from UK Producers in three areas of live action content:

- Live Action scripted series (comedy or drama)- Live Action physical game show/challenge show- Live Action ‘make and do’/craft series

Most likely, if green-lit, these series will transmit on CITV in 2020.

We are not currently looking to commission animated series.

Specific Opportunities for Producers

Live Action scripted series (comedy or drama)Ideally 13 x 30’, this programme could be a comedy or a drama. It will likely be single camera and shot on location outside of London. The precinct needs to be relatable and, potentially, aspirational for CITV’s core audience. Be it family-centred or more of a ‘gang’ ensemble piece, the characters should feel like people our audience would know or understand. We are not looking for series with too high a concept. Both series and serials will be considered.

Live Action physical game show/challenge showUp to 13 episodes of 30mins, this could be either studio-based or location shot. Ideally, submissions will factor in the opportunity for CITV kids to take part. Ideas could range from the very physical and super-competitive formats to comedy-based slap-stick series with big rewards and hilarious forfeits. Originality is a priority.

Live Action ‘make and do’/craft seriesAgain, up to 13 episodes of 30mins. This will likely be studio-based and ultimately brand-defining. Potentially involving the audience, either in-studio or via other interaction, this series should aim to give the viewer the inspiration to get creative. In terms of segments, ideas might be demonstrated on a very simple, instructive level ranging to fantastic ‘stunted’ set-pieces. For the YouTube generation of 10yr olds, this series needs to over deliver against what they typically see online in this space.

Process and TimelinesIdeas in any of the above three genres should be submitted to CITV via email in the first instance. Our email address for these projects specifically is citv.yacf@itv.com

For the scripted series, a first episode script would be ideally welcome but character bios and series outlines plus any other pre-production assets would also suffice.

For the game show/challenge show/’make and do’/craft ideas, a full treatment with format beats and an episode running order, together with casting suggestions would be ideal.

All submissions should arrive before the deadline of Friday 30th August 2019. For projects to qualify for YACF funding, certain programme criteria will apply.

Details can be found via the BFI’s website www.bfi.org.uk/YACF

About CITVCITV’s viewers are aged between 6 and 12 year olds. There is a slight bias in favour of boys in terms of the channel’s profile. CITV has a cheeky, sometimes irreverent, tone and it engages its audience in a non-patronising peer to peer way. Kids voices are very much at the heart of its presentation and affording opportunities for kids to appear on, or interact with, the channel is important to CITV. Some of the programmes that collectively create the channel environment that is CITV include - Scrambled, its weekend magazine show, Project Z, a game show played by kids in their local schools, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, an animated comedy set in the north of England and Mr Bean: The Animated Series.