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ITV2 is the channel brand aimed at younger people. From award-winning commissions to American acquisitions, we aim to deliver quality content to a young 16-34 audience, be that in the linear space or, increasingly, via ITV's streaming service- ITV Hub.

We're the number one digital channel for under 35's. At our best, we serve a mainstream, young group of viewers with unique content that wouldn't necessarily be found elsewhere. Our audience wants entertainment they find aspirational and story-telling, both scripted and non-scripted, they can relate to. Our big show is 'Love Island', a series that reaches 6 million under 35's who engage and interact with the programme across all ITV's platforms.Commissions are really important to ITV2. They often drive reputation and can certainly define the tone of the channel. Whether on-demand or on the linear channel, most of our original content is post-watershed which allows a greater degree of creative freedom. We are still looking mainly at series but opportunities exist for one-off programmes and seasons.

When it comes to genres, ITV2 has broadened out somewhat from its original entertainment-heavy programming offer. Whilst Entertainment remains important, scripted comedies and drama are priorities too. We're also seeking event programming, usually in the form of noisy formats, and have dialled up the amount of Factual programming we commission.

Potentially returning series in the factual entertainment or entertainment space are welcomed. A good example of this kind of show is 'Ibiza Weekender', a FactEnt, location-based format that younger viewers aspire to, and can be a part of. 'The Cabins', is another entertainment format, this one plays as an event- usually running every night for a few weeks. Other ideas in this space are welcomed. Studio-based, closed episodic entertainment formats are less desirable for the foreseeable future, however.

Comedy remains important to us and we encourage the submission of scripts. ITV2 sitcoms will have younger characters at their heart, be more irreverent and outrageous than, say, comedies on the main ITV channel but otherwise there are no specific requirements in terms of stories. Our standout successes in this area include 'Plebs', a high-concept sitcom about the hapless lives of three lads in Ancient Rome and 'Buffering', a relatable, contemporary ensemble comedy about twenty-something friends. ITV2 will script develop and potentially pilot comedy before moving to series.

Factual content commissioned by ITV2 needs to relate to, and understand, younger audiences. We are looking for Obdoc series such as 'Peckham's Finest', as well as singles, series and anthology strands in areas such as true crime, wellbeing and celebrity. Our series based on several recent 'Social Media Murders' is a strong example of how true crime programming can resonate with younger people. 

In terms of talent, we are proud to have a well-established and highly regarded roster. However, ITV2's priority is to grow and nurture new talent. We actively encourage diversity amongst our performers and presenters and are looking for new faces and voices that accurately represent the younger audience.

All this said, Producers are encouraged to surprise us by pitching things we didn't know we were looking for. Understanding ITV2's tone of voice will make your ideas stand out as will an appreciation of how young people now consume content- often bingeing series on demand and watching programmes on non-TV devices. Series no longer need to adopt the grammar of linear television and this can be quite liberating in devising new ideas for ITV2.

Peckham's Finest


ITVBe is a lifestyle and entertainment destination showing content from the UK and US, mainly featuring real lives, and real people. The channel is aimed at 16-34 women, and young mums. It is the exclusive home of 'TOWIE', as well as American series, such as 'Botched' and 'The Real Housewives'.

Programming on ITVBe can often feel aspirational for our audience, this is largely achieved by offering windows into the extraordinary lives of larger than life characters, and a key example of this is our original series 'Fearne McCann: First Time Mum'

Other original British commissions include 'Billie & Greg: The Family Diaries' which follows the lives of two young mums, 'Dinner Date' which is our long-running dating entertainment series, and 'Olivia Meets Her Match' a reality series that follows the fabulous life of TV favourite, Olivia Attwood.

In addition to 'reality' entertainment series, ItvBe is interested in programme formats that would appeal to younger women and could include themes such as dating, property, food, fashion and weddings.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire
Billie and Greg: The Family Diaries

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