Producers' Guidelines

This page contains information you may need when producing a programme for ITV.

Now your programme has been commissioned by ITV, the headings in this section outline what you need to comply with to meet our delivery requirements.

Please click on the links below for specific guidelines or scroll down the page for more information and our frequently asked questions.

ITV is a tapeless broadcaster. The only acceptable delivery format is an AS-11 UK DPP file.

For further information on how to deliver a AS-11 DPP UK file for ITV, please refer to Schedule D and ITV Technical Specification for the Delivery of Television Programmes as AS-11 DPP UK files or contact ITV's Content Operation steam on contentoperations@itv.com

Delivery material required

Please refer to Schedule D for ALL ITV deliverables including (but not limited to) network transmission, ITV Creative and ITV Press and Publicity.

Content Delivery is the delivery point for all ITV file based content for UK transmission.

Production Numbers

A Production Number is a unique number that relates to each individual programme/episode. Production Numbers will be provided at the commissioning stage of the process.

If at any time you need to re-deliver a programme with changes, you will need to do so with a new Production Number. In this scenario please contact Content Operations at contentoperations@itv.com who will guide you through this process.

ITV logos, branding and style guides

For help and guidance please visit brand.itv.com.

End Credits

For help and guidance please visit End Credit Guidelines.

Contracted Delivery Date

Programmes must be delivered to their Contracted Delivery Date.

You need to make ITV aware if your programme cannot be delivered to its Contracted Delivery Date. Permission to deliver to any other amended date needs to be sought and agreed in advance by Content Operations. Please email change-to-cdd-group@itv.com with your request.


Each production will be allocated an ITV Compliance Advisor or Lawyer who can advise the producers throughout production and will clear the programme for broadcast on behalf of ITV. If you are not sure who your Compliance Advisor or Lawyer is, please contact Compliance (compliancedepartment@itv.com) who will be able to assist you.

PasC | Silvermouse

Each producer needs to complete the necessary rights information in Silvermouse on delivery of the production, or as soon as possible there after, within four weeks of delivery. Please see the ITV Guidance Notes for Silvermouse Data Entry document.

ITV Studios and internal users need to contact Silvermouse.Access@itv.com for access. External users should complete the New User Registration form available at www.silvermouse.com or contactinfo@silvermouse.com.

Once your details have been verified, Silvermouse will provide you with a username and password for the system and the login web address. ITV Studios users will require separate logins for different broadcaster accounts.

If you have any queries regarding the Silvermouse application please contact silvermousequeries@itv.com

Please allow time for the login to be created and for you to become familiar with the system. The completed PasC Forms should be ready on Silvermouse when you deliver the programme transmission master.

Billings | TV listing information

You need to complete a form that is sent to TV listings magazine and EPG providers in the form of a billing template for each programme episode (see Billing Templates). These completed programme billings should be sent to EBSITV Schedules at itv-schedules@ebs.tv who will forward this information to the relevant contacts. Please contact EBS ITV Schedules directly if you require further guidance on specific aspects of these forms.

Post production scripts

Please email post production scripts for subtitling purposes to accessservicesco-ords@itv.comcontentoperations@itv.com and compliancedepartment@itv.com

Here are the guidelines on how the scripts should be formatted.

E and O insurance

ITV’s terms of trade require all independent producers to have in place suitable insurance cover in respect of the broadcast of their programmes on ITV.  Please could you provide us with a copy of your E and O insurance details, including confirmation from your insurer that the appropriate ITV companies are covered as additional insured parties as well as your company, for any claims arising from broadcast of the programme on ITV channels. The appropriate entities to be covered as additional insured parties are "ITV Plc and its subsidiaries".

These details should be sent to your ITV Compliance Advisor or Lawyer, and should arrive no later than the delivery date of the programme.  Failure to provide these details may lead to delays in payment from ITV Network.

ITV's insurance requirements are set out in the Terms of Trade and any enquiries should be made to your ITV Network Commercial Affairs contact, and any request for variation of these requirements must be made well in advance of delivery in writing


Who is responsible for ensuring production companies deliver their content to ITV?

ITV Content Operations and they will inform the relevant parties who need to be aware of the content. Content Operations (contentoperations@itv.com) will be your point of contact and you will need to liaise directly with them to confirm your delivery path.

The Content Operations team have compiled a list of contacts for each show. Content Operations will take the production contact names and numbers from your contract. If these details change, please ensure you update Content Operations as soon as possible for upcoming shows.

What if I need to make changes to a programme already delivered to ITV?

All changes and re-versioning must be discussed with Content Operations, who may ask you to contact ITV’s Business Affairs. There may be additional costs associated with redeliveries so please ensure early communication with Content Operations in each case.

Any re-deliveries of previously delivered programmes need to have a new production number. ITV Studios productions will need to request a new production number via the ITV production number portal. External productions will need to liaise with their contact in the ITV Compliance team, who will supply this for you.

How do I re-deliver a new version of a previously delivered programme?

If you need to re-deliver a file to ITV, please contact Content Operations at contentoperations@itv.com

Re-delivered new versions will also need to be complied before payment for delivery can be made.

New content will need to be delivered with a new production ID for the new version, so a Re-delivery Form will need to be completed. For clarity you will not receive anything back from Content Delivery.

What if I need to deliver later than my Contracted Delivery Date?

While the majority of programmes will be delivered to their contracted delivery date in good time for transmission, there will be occasions when topical content will be produced and delivered close to or on the day of transmission. Delivery of this category of content will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and processed as part of a strict Exceptions Process closely monitored and managed exclusively by ITV Content Operations.

Production companies, who anticipate delivering their programme close to or on the day of transmission, must seek permission to do so in advance from ITV Content Operations. The process and method of delivery for all late delivered content must be agreed with ITV Content Operations at least two weeks in advance of the programmes scheduled transmission date.

Implementing any other delivery route can be costly and difficult at short notice. It is essential that you contact Content Operations to discuss delivery arrangements as soon as you are aware you might be delivering late. You should also notify ITV Business Affairs and your Compliance Advisor.

How do I find out what my Contracted Delivery Date is?

Every production should have a Contracted Delivery Date, as specified on your contract with ITV. The Contracted Delivery Date is the date that the finished programme must be received by Content Delivery.

Is there an email address for contracted delivery date (CDD) changes?

Yes, email Content Operations at contentoperations@itv.com detailing all the changes, including your new delivery date, a contact name, and reason for the change of date.

They will circulate the change to the correct business areas in ITV and come back to you on whether you can deliver to a new date or not.

How long does the final TX file stay at transmission?

The systems at transmission will look ahead six weeks into the schedule. If the programme is not in the six week look-ahead window it will be deleted from TX, but it will reside on the ITV Archive storages indefinitely.

Content Delivery will deliver the broadcast file to ITV’s internal storages, which will then deliver onwards to Red Bee Media for transmission. The broadcast file will remain in the ITV Archive for the period in which ITV hold rights for the content (for ITV Studios content, in perpetuity).

If I need technical advice during the production process or prior to delivery who should I contact?

The first point of contact is Bill Brown, Head of Media Standards, who is responsible for ensuring delivered content meets ITV's technical delivery standards. Contact bill.brown@itv.com or telephone 020 715 66542 or 07917 577 700.

What do Content Delivery do and where are they based?

All broadcast assets plus ancillaries (QC PDF reports and scripts) will need to be delivered to Content Delivery. Content Delivery (https://itvcontentdelivery.com) are based in Leeds and are part of ITV. Content Delivery provide a single gateway for delivery of content into ITV, providing a receipt and prepare service for all incoming transmission material, as well as a wealth of other services.

Is there a single point of contact for production at Content Delivery?

Any questions you have about the delivery of your production need to be directed to Content Operations at contentoperations@itv.com

Will Content Delivery technically access the broadcast file post delivery?

The responsibility for delivering a AS-11 UK DPP file in accordance with ITV's technical standards for file delivery is the sole responsibility of the programme supplier. Please note, ITV do not technically assess content post delivery. Appropriate certificates (QC Pass Report, PSE Pass Report, Craft ‘Eyeball’ QC Review) must be delivered along with the programme file. Content Delivery will carry out a '5 point check' on the supplied content; this means they will check the clock (programme and series title and production number) and ensure the content plays with audio and video at the beginning, middle and end of the content.