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Production Risk

How to work with ITV on Duty of Care, Health and Safety and Security for your programme

Duty of Care

People are our highest priority at ITV and this is reflected by our commitment to Duty of Care. The Duty of Care team is in place to provide support and expertise in managing duty of care risks associated with participation in programme making across all genres.

Along with our Duty of Care Charter, which was published in 2019, below you will find all the documents you will need to assist you with your Duty of Care decisions, protocols and processes.

If you are a Third Party Producer, you should have filled out a Production Risk Questionnaire on our Producer Portal, so if you have any questions regarding that or require any information or clarification on our process, please contact the ITV Duty of Care Production Advisor.

Please complete the following steps:

Read the Duty of Care Charter

Read the ITV Guidance on Protecting Programme Participants

Read the ITV Duty of Care Producer Handbook and make sure you complete the requirements outlined for your risk rating using these documents:

Unscripted Welfare Risk Assessment 

Scripted Welfare Risk Assessment

Here is our Social Media Awareness Hub which you can share with your on-screen participants

ITV’s Speaking Up Policy and Safecall

ITV’s Speaking Up Policy

We encourage everyone to raise concerns at the earliest opportunity. If we don't know about it, we can't fix it. In the first instance we want you to feel confident in raising your concerns with your line manager or other managers. We realise you may not feel comfortable doing this and the Safecall service is here to help.

Please go here for more information:


or go here to file a report:


You can also contact Safecall by phone 0800 915 1571. If you are calling from outside of the UK there are international freephone numbers at www.safecall.co.uk/freephone. Safecall’s phone lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are now asking every ITV Production to include these details on their call sheets.

The Whole Picture Toolkit

The Whole Picture Toolkit, from the Film and TV Charity, is another useful tool to ensure your Productions are Mentally Health Productions. This online resource www.wholepicturetoolkit.org.uk is to help you put useful systems and procedures in place, to provide meaningful mental health support, as well as helping you meet your production's specific needs. The FTVC also has a 45 minute Whole Picture Toolkit workshop so please contact toolkitteam@filmtvcharity.org.uk for more information.

Health & Safety and Security


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